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I also am in Florida, Kevin sold me 3 Windows , I had to chase and call him to find out where my windows were weeks after initial due date, installers come with no scaffolding for a second story install??!! And a window is scratched, another week waiting for a new window and an installer than can do it. That pair installs but forgets the trim for one window, which I hired a handy man to do and the other window has no trim so that's been ordered... Read more

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Window world is the worst company in terms of customer service, having all parts available at install , on time installation, they lie and story you to death . First installer had no scaffold for second story install, window was scratched, second try never put in trim and missing trim for another window that I still haven't got, threaten to lien my property, stay far away!!! The owner mark Collins and manager Kevin are rude and unconcerned, as... Read more

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Had a bow window replace which had 2 supports under it, they asked if i still want them which will only be decorative not suportive. I liked the look of the supports, they left 3" gaps between supports and window looked terrible. They also replaced my front door and never calked around the new frame, i had to do it because there was at least a quarter inch gap. Add comment

Terrible install. Broke granite sills, destroyed flower beds, left debris including chunks of glass lying everywhere. No follow up after numerous calls. Add comment

We had vinyl siding installed and the finished job was shabby at best. We love the color and the look but the crew was awful. The head worker kept telling us he has been doing this for 30 years. Really? Some of the siding was coming off because they forgot to put nails in it! Another sheet had to be totally replaced because it was warped. They made downspout straps insread of using our original ones. They left a gaping hole in one of the soffits... Read more

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Contractors showed up parking on lawn with weighted down truck and Trailer. Trailer dug 2inch deep tracks Into the lawn. Once parked in drive Way, I notice that they displayed an confederate flag on the front of there Truck. I did not want their service and And once I denyed service one of the Contractors pulled his sleeve up and Showed me his tattoo of the symbol On his arm. Add comment

We had Jim from the Frenchtown, NJ Window World come to our house to give us an estimate. As he went into his pitch, one of the comments he told me was how the installers that come to my home would be "Slovic, and not young guys who wear their pants low with their underwear showing out of their pants". He clearly wanted to get the message across that the installers would be white. I told him that I didn't appreciate his bigoted comments and... Read more

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I had windows installed in Feburary and still waiting for them to finish. Add comment

Customer service is your best marketing tool, right? Well, 2 years ago when we had -16 temp one of our windows cracked. I called them and was told it was free replacement :) v pleased. Then the trouble started I called and called but as it's a guest room I forgot then when I called again they said the replacement unit was in and they'd put it in next time someone was in our area.............Today they told me that they dropped one off at our... Read more

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I ordered new windows from Window World of Louisville for my 2nd home on 09/10/2015. The windows I ordered were Beige with Grid except for 3. I was called and told the windows had arrived and now was the time to schedule the installation. Living out of State in California, I scheduled the install date for March 21, 2016. I booked my flight and rental car and arrived in Louisville for the install date. The contractors that arrived were very... Read more

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