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    • Warranty and the windows 3
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    • Customer service and quality 11
    • Unprofessional installation 9

Happy with the quality and look of the new windows from Window World of Baton Rouge. Very unhappy with the installation and customer service. Installers damaged sheet rock and left glass and trash inside and outside the house. Although they did come and fix 2 screens that weren't installed properly, repaired the sheet rock damage, and cleaned up a little bit, I am going to have to go purchase paint (bought the house a year ago and don't have the paint) and repaint areas myself at my cost. I have called the office several times and the... Read more

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They a liers It's been since February they came out, we gave them a $1000 dollar deposit and here it is May.NO WINDOWS,NO CALL, NO NOTHING FROM ANYONE. I HAVE CALLED AND CALLED AND TO NO AVAIL. WHERE THE *** IS MY MOMEY!!!!bI have reported them to BBB!!! Add comment

Window World of Yuma Arizona hires installers promising steady work for a long period of time. This was a lie. all they do, is use people to get caught up because they get behind on installations. As soon as they get caught up, they dismiss the employee for some BS reason. In my case it was refusal to perform un safe installation procedures. They claimed that my refusal constituted some form of insubordination. They used this as grounds for dismissal. This shows not only a lack of honesty but a disregard for worker safety. They told me I... Read more

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Called to talk to customer service about a referral check they owe me. I have referred 6 people in the last year. The person who took my call was trying to find out information, her name was Terri, as she was looking up the information in the background I heard another girl (Diane) I believe say" the Denny woman has called here a 100 *** times". Uncalled for and untrue. I am furious and going to file a complaint and ask my employer to not use Window World. We actually have 4 of our employers in process of having window estimates. I have never... Read more

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One the worst company I ever deal with. There appointment is sux ,installation is the worst no profitional. They are sux . Add comment

Salesman was not pushy. They did have a better price than the other company. but the other company said they would have the windows in in two weeks. Window World could not get windows in untill 3-4 weeks. When the installation crew got to my home they did not show up untill 11pm and they did not leave untill 6pm. the windows do look nice. Well are you ready for the BUT? This is what makes me soo mad these days!!! The cost of the windws on the add on the bilboard was $189. The cost per window for the energy efficent window was almost $300... Read more

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We called Window World to perform warranty work on a window they installed. The flashing is coming lose and we wanted it repaired. Today, the worker arrived, looked at the flashing and informed me that he didn't have the correct material to fix it. The whole point of them coming was too fix it, why did they not bring the correct material. We rearranged our entire day to have this service performed. When I asked him how long it would take to get the right material, he couldn't answer me. I phoned the Pittsburgh office to complain and was... Read more

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I bought a house with window world windows. One window needed rwo small parts that had worn out. Window world of Omaha wanted a $50 warranty transfer fee. They wouldn't sell me two small parts without their #$%^&**&% $50. What a bunch of greedy, money-grubbing ***. Why should I have to give you 100 words? I would have to be *** to need 100 words to describe the situation. Do you thnk I am ***? You must be *** to think so. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***... Read more

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Window world Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I bought windows and doors from Window World (Baton Rouge) for my house. Four of the windows were measured by Window World incorrectly-even the mistake were not consistent. A contractor was to install these windows. Upon noticing the wrong measurements, we called Window World The supervisor came, looked at the windows and said hmm, nothing wrong with them, go ahead, install them-which was done with my objection. Weeks later, another contractor who was sent by window world to correct the mistake, remeasured... Read more

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Window World had the lowest quote but didn't specify what they were installing or how they were going to do it. The windows had gaps and whistled like a ghost. I can feel a breeze and the sound muffling was better on my old windows. The heat comes in during the summer and you can feel the cold during the winter. They leak when it rains. Their warranty is a big scam because of all the pro-rations and exclusions. They only cover manufacturing defects. How cheap does a window have to be before you know its ***? None of their installers work for... Read more

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