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We hired Window World in Nicholasville Ky, the sales rep Bill was excellent and they called to say they were coming at a certain time to install windows and they were very prompt. The windows look great and I only had one issue of some glass outside but it was quickly resolved and I would recommend this company. R. B. Nicholasville, Ky

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Had a roof done 12/1. Had know idea they were coming. Called twice over the last 3 weeks i had to leave messages no return calls. I should have gotten a notice. I plann on having a door done however may reconsider.

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Taking this job was the worse decision of my life. The owner acts as if he is a fraternity president and treats the salesman on pledges and treats them using what can only be described as "Greek *** Week". Nude pictures being shared between the owner and the sales team in front of the entire staff is humiliating as a female as well as how females in general are spoken of. It is great to hear him come in and say he satisfied a customer complaint... Read more

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His company is on point until you give them a deposit. After that things fall apart. When crew finally showed up they destroyed my house, started to remove a window that was not being replaced, and promptly left once they got credit card number for final payment. Debris left throughout home, floors scratched, items discarded. Despite my numerous calls, I have never been contacted by anyone in regards to a resolution. On three separate occasions... Read more

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Do not use Window World in "Granger, Indiana". Shotty work, poor customer service, poor replacement service, alot of excuses why they don't come to fix window. I am tempted to tear out all these windows with lifetime warranties and replace with a reputable company, I can count on. Sick of this company !!!!

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I would strongly and i mean strongly suggest steering clear of window world king of Prussia worst customer service i ever experianced they installed wrong windows and now wont even call me back now im taking them to court gonna be a very easy win but the headache and hassle is unreal .unless you want to experiance this stear clear !!!!!!

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Window World Windows Installation Review
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Told it would be a 5-6 week process from measure to install. Took 7 weeks till first attempt at an install. The call on Friday saying everything is in and we r good to go for Tuesday. Show up Tuesday with the windows but no front door. So now a one day job will be 2. Not the end of the world until we r told the door will be more than a week later. Turns out to be 3 weeks. Then they show up without the screen door. I was told the job on the door... Read more

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I had gone to the Window World in Midlothian, Va to inquire about the windows I had installed over 8 years ago in my home. I asked the lady who was handling these issues if she could pull my file and give me a copy of what was in it. She went to the back and I printed a something from a print screen. When she came out she asked me if I printed something. She went nuts yelling and screaming as if someone was attacking her saying would you... Read more

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Some of the windows are broken and/or will not lock. The caulking was not properly done and some places aren't even caulked including outside. The windows in the pool room are not level from the inside or the outside. Beveled trim work that has already cracked open. My hardwood floor is scratched and they broke my sink vanity. The sink is directly below the bathroom window, so I would assume someone stood on it to put the window in and it... Read more

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It has been 15 months since we had our windows and storm door installed. The windows are great. The storm door not so much. First of all the door is not as described in the brochure. The door is cheaply made and not as good of quality as the door i have from Lowes. Secondly my storm door is still not properly installed. After 7 trips for them to complete and fix the issues and 3 different installers the door is missing a frame leg. (That's the... Read more

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