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I had an appointment for months to have windows installed. Appointment was confirmed two weeks ago. Now on the DAY BEFORE scheduled installation at four P.M. I get a call saying it's not going to happen. Customer rep says " I'll call you back with another install date ". After waiting a while I call them back and they are closed. To say I am pissed would not be enough. They also state that they can NOT give a refund because they have... Read more

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Window world is charging $65 to do a retest of their window after installation, they offer lifetime warranty but you have to pay $65 for them come and check they windows efficiency after installation, my window is very hot when i touch them. RIPOFF. RIPOFF,RIPOFF,RIPOFF. ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff FDLE please investigate this company ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff a big big big big ripoff a big big ripoff n o follow... Read more

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Window world is the worst most unprofessional company i have ever dealt with. From incoherent sales people to an owner who really does not care i completely regret having anything to with this company.

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Fred Talevi is employed by window world in northern nj. He has requested that women send him *** pictures and sends them pictures of his ***. This is done in exchange for payment for windows.

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We had ordered our windows from Window World, in the hopes of having them installed by their installers. My husband ended up losing hours at his job, so was unable to pay for the windows, and installation. I called and spoke to Cierra at the Indianapolis office. She said that our windows were already finished and that the truck was coming to deliver to the office within the week Lie! so was unable to cancel the order, but said that she would ***... Read more

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Had them come out and give me a quote. I gave them a down payment equaling 50% of the cost of the windows. They told me it would take 6-8 for install. I am now at week 16 and they haven't even scheduled me yet. Called in about just getting a refund so I could go with another company and they told me that there is fine print on the back of the contract that says I will lose the money I put down on the windows. I am VERY UNHAPPY with this... Read more

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We decided to give WW of Huntsville a second chance after having a horrible experience in getting a replacement window in our bathroom installed. It took eight weeks from start to finish simply because of scheduling calamities. We ordered 4 atrium door replacements for our home on June 27 through Todd Scrimscher. He was very pleasant and super apologetic because of our first experience. I told him I really hoped to have all this done before... Read more

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I would not recommend Window World to my enemy. They didn't start on the day they were supposed to and when they did start, I was lucky enough to get a subcontractor who had only did 3 or 4 jobs with the company before mine. The installers didn't start until around 10am and quit around 3:30 or 4:00.It was a hellish night mare from the start. They had no concept of being respectable of some ones home. It was supposed to be a 3-5 day job. For this... Read more

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I purchased 15 Windows from Window World over a month ago. Tyler came and told me they would have to wait for the Windows to come in, I found out the windows have been in for over a week but, they told me two of their installers quit on them.( I guess that is supposed to be a legit reason why I have to wait) 2 days ago Tyler said he would come and install them ( he's their sales guy) when I called them this morning the office gal said Tyler is... Read more

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Signed a contract and paid half on Friday July 8, 2016. Measurement appointment took 3 weeks July 28,2016 7 weeks( 4 weeks after measuring) Aug 24, 2016 I called to get update and the order has not even been put in yet!! After order is put in/released it takes 2 weeks to get the windows in! Then you have to wait for an install date. 10 weeks, 2 and 1/2 months later you "may" have the windows installed. Very frustrating. Nothing seems to move... Read more

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