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I've seen Window World's windows on other peoples homes and they look great but thats not the case with me. Window World Has stood me up 3 times on installation. Ive taken blinds down moved furniture 3 times. All three times they would call the day before the install and confirm. All three times they they would call the day of the install to tell me the truck broke down. WTF? I've taken off work three days Oct 4, Oct 8, Oct 22, still no... Read more

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The salesman Ian Zmud sucked us in like a tractor beam. Once that was done, IT WAS OVER !!! 18 windows, 4 slider doors and siding, what a joke. The siding was done in 2 differ colors, the "manager" Manny dropped 2 guys over that couldn't even speak English so I couldn't express my complete horror with them, Manny only showed up 1x & when I tried to call the Salesman, he just passed me off to someone else. The office girl says she never spoke... Read more

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I purchased windows, paid one half of the cost & then waited & waited. After 8 weeks I was told that the windows would be in next week & I would get a call. No call from them; I called & was told I would be called on Wednesday of next week to schedule. No call. When I called I was told it was a busy office & they forgot to call me. Really what type of excuse is that? So on Monday, the scheduled installation day, at 700 am I receive a call... Read more

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Window World - Angry In Toledo, Ohio
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I had my windows installed in September 2016. I wish I had my old windows yet. They did a horrid job. My picture window is bowed and I have a quarter inch gap on both sides..They damaged my siding in the back..I have holes and dents..My new door, is not installed the right way and It broke..and leaks...Caulk that I had to beg them to come back and do on the falling off. 4 people questioned me about the caulk on the outside of the... Read more

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A little over a year ago we purchased a house with the contingency that the large picture window be replaced due to leaking. The previous owner ordered a window from Window World which took 6 weeks to arrive and install. A few weeks ago when we had 4 straight days of rain, I looked below the window randomly and noticed water on my dry wall again. I called Window World and they promptly told me that the warranty wasn't transferred into our name... Read more

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charged me 2000.00 dollars sales man ordered door to tall would not fit in opening ,they cut the support header of house then put a window that was to wide beside and framed a 2"x6"wall underneath when porch is framed out of 2"x4"s spent all last weekend tearing out and replacing shoddy workmanship, i will never have these people do any thing for me ever again. called several times , they finally sent a crew out and they took one look at... Read more

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We were promised windows ahead of a big event we were having at our home. We stressed the importance of having the windows prior to the event, and they said they could deliver. Fine. Installers came without windows to sunroom; they came the next time (1 day prior to the event to complete Sunroom), but measurements were not accurate; came back next time with wrong windows; came back again with wrong windows. Once installed, I asked for them... Read more

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Everything goes pretty well until you have a problem. The technicians don't know their product. The owner won't return your calls. Replacement windows or parts for your defective window takes months and months because they don't follow up or even care. They just tell you they'll take care of it or order a new part and the part will be in in three weeks. However, months go by and no word. Call to follow up and they act like they don't know... Read more

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Hire Window World of Winchester ONLY if you wish to be frustrated and aggravated. We had their salesman come to our home to give an estimate for a new roof and spouting on our house. The salesman was very friendly and seemed to know what he was talking about. After getting a few estimates of some companies we decided to go with Window World and gave a deposit of over $3300,00. I was told by their salesman that someone would call me in a day or... Read more

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We hired Window World after a free consult and quote. The sales rep measured all areas but said an "expert" will come out to measure at a separate time. That occurred without incident. We were told this would be done in one day (replacing 3 windows and 1 double door). We were told we had to have a header replaced or the (basement) door would not be warranted. We agreed for an additional $700.00. The 1st day(Friday) the installers arrived, they... Read more

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