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The actual truth about $189.00 window companies is the $189.00 price is used as a mental bait to lure "price conscience" customer's into setting an appointment with their company. (Quality minded customers generally ignore the bait!)

During the appointment the saleman's first job is to tell the customer they don't want the $189.00 window because it won't save them money on their energy bill nor make their house warm and cozy.

In other words the very window (The $189.00 window) they advertize, is not the one they try to sell them once they get (your foot caught in their trap) their foot in your door. This is a form of bait and switch sells tactic.

Of course if you stand your ground and "demand" to be sold a $189.00 energy hog window! They by law are obligated to sell you as many $189.00 energy hog windows that you want!

You may want to ask yourself before doing this though! "How bad do my old energy hog windows look? Because all you may gain is a cosmetic makeover of your old window sashes.

These companies are deep into understanding how the consumer mind works. They use sales tactics designed to over come all obstical's and/or objections the customer may put forth. By the time they leave you will drink their coolaid and spend anywhere from $250.00 to $600.00 per window.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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sorry WW, didn't mean to hit the button. I DIDN'T HAVE the same experience. Sorry!


Don't expect any kind of customer service. They definitely don't know what it is.

Once they have your money they don't seem to care. They don't let you know when anything is happening. You have to call them and they treat you quite hostile. One of my screens came damaged and I was told someone would be here in a few days to repair it.

8 days later I called and was told maybe next week. They would not even give me a reason why we weren't called. Whatever they do is OK. They really don't give a hoot once they have your money.

Don't deal with them if you expect any kind of good customer service. Would not recommend even though they were cheaper.

Maybe that's why. They don't educate their employees in good customer service.


I have nothing but praise for Window World products and service. Their price was the lowest bid of several I got at the time for the exact same windows.

There is not scam...they will install a 189 window if that's what you want. While I do not have a problem with WW, I do have a problem with reviewers who can't spell.

It seems to me that negative people, angry about almost anything, think that everything is a scam.

They write nasty reviews with poorly spelled words and bad grammar. That says more to me than anything they can say against a product.


The government takes our tax money and gives it to folks who upgrade their old windows to energy star rated windows.(In the form of a tax rebate) So every window these $189.00 companies sell cost our country in lost energy resources and in lost tax revenue.

There should be a law against it if the windows are installed in occupied dwellings.

@common sense

My windows were $500 a piece. They never even mentioned a $189 window.

I don't think they exist. Their customer service is almost non-existent . Once they have your money you have to make all the calls.

They become hostile if you question them at all. Don't expect much and maybe you'll be happy.


You must be from window world. I hear they are sticklers for proper grammar.


SusieQ, I have used WW in the past and found them to have a decent product but recently they have more than doubled in price, at least in my area(Southern,Ky although I am from Dayton). As for the reviews on anything you will always get more people complaining than praising but that's just the way it is. However, I do believe that some of these people have a sincere complaint as they seem to have made some major changes in the past few years.


It is home of the $189 window. It was what they started selling in 1995.

Your state is why you have to put LOW E and have argon in your window and they make it mandatory (that is not Window World's fault). If you look at the contract, it says $189 for the window itself. Then you add Solarzone which your state requires you to have in the window which is definately more energy efficient than your older ones. The rest is what type of condition your window pockets are like and how you kept up your house.

The extras, like grids, are what customers want after the $189. I am a WW customer and I understood this, you should quit thinking it's a scam as they were cheaper than the other 8 companies I met with and much more honest and upfront with the pricing.


I just signed for a new window to replace a vinyl window that lost it's seal. Home is less than 10 yrs old.

The total price came to $598 for one 23x60 window. The $189 advertised price is nowhere on their printed contract. and with all the extra charges they also have $100 for administrative and setup fee.

What the heck is that? Now I'm nervous about when the installation starts.


window world does sell the best window at the best price. If you got a *** salesman or installer thats not the window.

One of the top windows with good house keeping and JD power and many other orginizations rate there window at number 1. Add state DOUBLE HUNG Window $189 with it is then you ADD what you want.

NO way possibl is it to add to to anywhere CLOSE to $600. SO be *** and live on.


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Window world came by June 4th, 2012 and gave us a good price.perhaps we should Havel been suspicious. They promised our windows would be installed in four to six weeks.

When August 1st came we called. They said "oh, your windows are here but we lost your phone number." we had given them both of our cell numbers and our home phone, so not true. They said the.y would come on Wednesday, called and canceled, okay Thursday, called and cancelled. Set an appointment for Saturday between 11-1.

Showed up at 2:20, no phone call. Installed the windows, putting a piece of wood between the brick and window, no insulation, no caulk, did the entire thing from inside so no sealing from the outside.

Put some cheap looking trim over the gaps and did a sloppy job of caulking. Spend some more money and hire someone reputable who does good w,ork!


it just sounds like the installers needs their butts chewd out and the secretary cheed out, that does work.


Well I was looking to replace windows @ $189 ea but i read to many horror stories on here tonight ....So i guess ww will not get our business, there are so many complaints on here.


I keep hearing that WW provides the best value! No... They are the national brand that provides the lowest price. BTW, 30 years of industry experience has proven to me that someone will always work for less than their costs! (Then they go bankrupt and wonder... Why?). If you want the lowest price; you will get the lowest product, lowest installation, lowest service, and all the shortcuts they can get away with.

If you are going to work with a well established company; offering good to superior products; nice choices on color and styles and glass packages. Highly skilled and caring installation technicians. A responsive service team. Then you will be willing to pay for one more thing.....

A reasonable profit.

The average price to provide all the above for an excellent, well installed name brand vinyl window will be $600-$900 each. $1200-$1600 for a stained or painted, exterior clad wood window such as Marvin.

If you are paying less... you are putting your home at risk.

your choice...


What a bunch of bitter competing salespeople. Love the lies you tell.

How many windows did you sell last year?

Try 1 million plus. crybabies!


There windows are junk if u need a estimate with no hidden plans in mind call integrity construction ask for rick mcmullenhe will get you a real estimate on an energy efficient product that's good for a year oh and there windows are triple pane alpha 10 gas low-e glass easy clean any style u need 1-877-886-7329


Considering installing Window World windows in our home after visit from sales rep. Sales suggested the lowE window at just less than $300 each. Sales pitch and demo were convincing but we have not yet committed. Could someone please give an honest opinion.

Confused in Ashland, KY


My cousins had Window World replace their windows a year ago and were VERY happy with the installer. The crew chief was unhappy with the way one window was installed and make the guy take it out and redo it.

We're getting an estimate this week to replace our old aluminums. Don't know whether I will go with them or not, as you can tell I'm doing my research, but I wanted to let you all know there are happy customers out there.


If I were greedy and I thought my business empire could be brought down by someone posting the truth about my companies #1 Promoted window that becomes a future tax liability to everyone in this country,I would make some phony postings too on how wonderful my company was. To Divert attention away from the main subject matter.