Marina Del Rey, California
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Hi, I am a recent first time home buyer who contacted window world to replace all of my windows because the seal around the windows was damaged. I contacted them in October with the hope that they could get the job done before winter hit because I also have a newborn child.

The salesman said it would take 6-8 weeks before someone would come out and install our windows. Which was fine with us because it doesn't really get cold in GA until December anyways. But here it is now mid January and we haven't heard from anyone. We eventually called window world after 3 months and the only reason they could give us why they haven't installed the windows was because they been very busy and they forgot to call us and let us know it would take longer to install.

But then they tried to schedule an installation that next weekend without out giving us a discount for breaking there contract and having us wait almost the entire winter without hearing from them. I feel we were completely forgotten but they still wanted us to pay full price. I had to bundle up my newborn because the window seal was so bad and no matter how hight the heat in the house was, you could still feel the breeze from the window. They should've been fixed a month ago.

Now were stuck with trying to find another company in the middle winter. Thanks a lot window world.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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