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I ordered new windows from Window World of Louisville for my 2nd home on 09/10/2015. The windows I ordered were Beige with Grid except for 3. I was called and told the windows had arrived and now was the time to schedule the installation. Living out of State in California, I scheduled the install date for March 21, 2016. I booked my flight and rental car and arrived in Louisville for the install date. The contractors that arrived were very professional and immediately removed all the windows that were going to be replaced. As they temporary hung the new windows, I noticed the color was White not Beige in color. I quickly told the crew which in turn called and notified Window World Louisville office. They acknowledged the mistake and had no idea what happened. After looking at my 6 month old contract to familiarize myself with the order, I then noticed the windows also didn’t have window Grids Pattern. I immediately called Window World of Louisville back and told them this is not acceptable and they must order the windows I contracted them for. The installation crew temporary installed all the windows and was told that I would be contacted by Window World of Louisville when the correct windows arrived. I then flew back to California.

I was called sometime in early April and was told the correct windows are in. I told them I have to book my flight and rental car but will be there for May 4, 2016, Install date. On the morning of May 4, I was called by the Installation Crew person saying their truck had broken down and possibly needed to reschedule because they were busy and a storm was coming in. I told the tech the forecast called for isolated showers and not a storm. I then asked can they do it in the next few days and was told they were busy and would have to schedule this return visit because they were very busy. I then told them come rain sleet or snow to get out here today because I flew out here and wasn’t going to fly back again and waste my time and money. I was told they will call me back.

I received a call back 2 1/2 hours later and was told the crew is on the way. Quickly the crew removed all the incorrect windows and started to install the correct Beige Windows with Grid Pattern. The crew was a different set of installers from the first visit and were as good as first crew on March 21. The installation crew then noticed that one window was missing. I said call the office and see if the window was left there. The Installation tech said he doubted it because the contract doesn’t call for that window. He also mentioned Window World of Louisville office was closed Wednesday, May 04, 2016. The techs then reinstalled the incorrect window temporary and then I was handed the invoice. I said the job isn’t done and where I come from we pay once the job is complete.

The next day, Thursday, May 5th, I called the main office and asked to speak with whomever is in charge. I was placed on a brief 9 minute hold when they search for a manager. When the manager came on line, I explained the situation stating I was not happy but if they can arrange for a person to install the Correct window by Sunday, May 8th, this would make me happy since I am flying out Monday, May 9th in the morning back to California. I was given the song and dance that their crew have other jobs scheduled and the window would need to be ordered. I said this was the 2nd time their quality control dropped the ball so in return it is fair for them to pay for my flight and rental car for this visit and my next 3rd visit. The manager said this wasn’t going to happen and we both ended the conversation. Not too long after, I was called by a 2nd manager and was told the reason for this problem was both Window World of Louisville fault and as well as my own fault for the white windows that were ordered. Was I hearing him correctly? How is this my fault when the contract called for Beige color windows with Grid Pattern and they ordered and shipped White windows without Grid Pattern to begin with? Then for this 2nd visit, they are short one window? Obviously this representative doesn’t have the facts presented to him and is not well trained in customer service as well as quality control. The representative seemed to be trained in saying, “I will put a lien on my home” as soon as he hangs up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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This customer agreed to keep the white windows for a small discount so the installers put them in. They wouldn't put wrong windows in just to do it.

They get paid when we get paid so they wouldn't have installed the wrong color Windows knowing they wouldn't get paid so obviously the customer agreed to color. Then he decided he didn't like the color after excepting our discount and threatened us to order the color he originally wanted. We ordered the new color and one came broke so we have to reorder one window and he wants us to pay for all is travel plans and we didn't agree. He didn't allow us to discuss any other options over the phone he insisted he would slander us every where in which he is doing so.

There is no compromise with people when mistakes happen. We follow procedures when there is no payment.