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Worst customer service I have ever experienced, ridiculous amount of mistakes and poor unaccountable management!!! We were looking for just new siding for our recently purchased house, but were also talked into a new front door and soffit vents surrounding the home by our sales rep Cameron, who was great! We signed the contract back in the first week of April. We were told that it would be about 3 weeks for the materials to come in and that it would take about 2-5 days to complete the installation depending on weather.

Receiving materials:

We were called on two different occasions in May and informed that our windows were in and ready to be installed, which we then had to inform them that we didn’t order any windows, just to be told that they made a mistake and our materials weren’t in yet. After several angry phone calls, we were told in the beginning of June that our materials should be coming in soon but that they wouldn’t be able to “fit us in” for installation for several weeks. Completely unacceptable. After more angry phone calls, they agreed to fit us in sooner and told us they would be delivering the materials on a particular mid-week work-day and that we would need to be there the next day [also a work-day] for the door installation. My husband had to juggle many things around to get the first installation day off from work so he would be here for the door installation. The delivery day came along and the company did not call us until that afternoon informing us that they actually decided not to deliver any of the materials, and thus would not be starting the next day and not until sometime the next week. Extremely unprofessional.


Finally the materials were delivered on Friday June 17th and we were told that we had booked Saturday June 18th through the beginning of the next week for installation. Everything went well on Saturday during the tear-down process [except they left nails all over our yard and dust all over the back porch] and then Sunday came around and they didn’t even show up. On Monday they put up the siding on the back of the house and the soffit vents but didn’t even wrap the underlying wood on the front. For a section of siding the workers hit through the wall and we now have cracks on the inside of the house and small sections of the drywall broken off. Upon inspection, the siding was the completely wrong color, we ordered Tuscan Clay and they put up Monterey Sand. Then for the vents they had actually only nailed the soffit vents directly onto the existing wood. We called to complain yet again and our sales rep.’s manager, Henry Valle, called us back and had the nerve to tell us that it was not their responsibility because it is their protocol to only nail vents to existing material unless we tell them otherwise. The only reason we splurged for the vents was because we were told that it was standard for them to remove all the wood and then replace with the soffit vents to maximize ventilation, so someone is lying. The manager informed us that either way they wouldn’t remove the entire wood, but they would remove the soffit vents, drill holes in the existing wood, and then reinstall the soffit vents and would send us pictures of each side of the house during this process since we wouldn’t be able to visually confirm they went back to drill the holes since we’d be at work. In addition, the manager ensured us that the workers would wrap the front of the house first thing Tuesday morning because it was calling for storms that afternoon. I go home Tuesday afternoon and the workers were once again a no show and the front of the house still only has the wood showing, which is now completely wet from the storm so hopefully it won’t mold!! The workers also broke a window in our driveway so now we can’t park in it because there are chunks of glass everywhere.

Work Completion/Payment:

Eventually all the work was completed on the 29th [wrong color and all] and we were offered a 1.8% discount for the inconveniences ONLY if we decided to keep the incorrect siding, or they would offer no discount to replace with the correct color siding but it would take up to 6 months for the replacement. Pathetic. They then tried to offer a higher discount if we agreed to let them remove the lifetime guarantee on the products [which is promised to every customer on every product] so they wouldn’t have to deal with us or most likely their poor product/installation in the future. After more negotiation they finally splurged and agreed to give us a 5% discount and we kept the guarantee!!! WOW!! We told them that we were willing to sign the final contract agreeing that the work was completed properly with the 5% discount once we received the promised photos of the proper soffit vent/venting holes. However, as of Thursday June 30 we were still not provided any photo proof which we were promised from the side or the back of the house showing that they removed the soffits, added the venting holes, and reinstalled the soffits, which was completed a week prior. The manager then began to bully and guilt us into signing the final contract without the necessary photo proof saying how him not being able to provide us the proof we had both agreed upon should not delay us paying them, that we should have empathy for the workers and their families, that he had fought to get us a great discount [?!?], and that we should be able to take the manager at his word…. because it had been so trustworthy up to that point! A day later when we still hadn’t signed the contract the manager finally admitted that they didn’t take any photos of the side and rear soffits where they promised to remove, drill holes and replace. Which most likely means that it didn’t actually happen. In addition, this whole time we had repeatedly asked to talk with the owner Greg due to the managers poor customer service, and as of July 5, he still hasn’t called us.

As I said, worst customer service!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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