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I had them out on 2-3-11 and the change the felt pads on some windows and added the blk sponges where you open the windows, but I still feel cold air. I was told they have done all they can do and it must be a manufacturer problem and they will call out the rep from the factory and I haven\'t heard from anyone yet.

I had an energy audit done and the man from the elec. company felt the cold air right away with his hand and when he used his meter gun and pointed it at the window it showed a 4 degrees difference from one side to the other. He agrees there is defintely air coming in and now that it is warming up it will be hard to show them, but I will feel warm air and my elec.

bills will still be high, so much for these windows. 3-15-11

Original review posted by user Dec 16, 2010

Winow World of Mobile,Ala does a *** job of installation. 16 months ago I bought 30 windows @ $299 & now most of them are drafty & I can't get anyone to fix them.

They sent someone out here to look at them & their excuse is that the felt pad between the 2 windows is worn out and needs to be replaced because we open the too much. That's funny because we only open the windows maybe 30 days a yr. & aren't they made to be opened? Also, where the felt pads go isn't where the cold air is coming in at.

The air is coming in around the sides and at the top of the wimdows where the two meet in the corners. The owner, Henry smarted off and said "It's been 16 months why are you just now noticing it". It doesn't matter if it was 2 days or 16 months they did a bad job and they need to fix it. I can stick a folded piece of paper through the side of the window where the felt is, I don't think that should happen.

Felt should not wear out in 16 months in a window that you do not open. They just do not want to admit that they screwed up and have to fix all 30 of my windows, some of them are huge and that will really cost them.

I am checking into getting a lawyer because if you read the lifetime warranty it only covers glass breakage. Please everyone don't buy windows from Window World of Mobile/Gulfport/Hattiesburg

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Monetary Loss: $11200.

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Usually if the window is drafty it's because the widow was installed out of square. Position the bottom sash almost closed.

As you position, look to create a small 1/8" crack of light. If the opposite side has a greater or lesser crack then that window is out of square! If your sales rep did not measure correctly the installers may not of had the wiggle room to square it. Out of square windows WILL CAUSE DRAFT!

The window must shut flush or draft will come in. Photo of this will prove improper installation from the franchise!


If warranty work needs to be done it is done at no expense to the franchise. Sounds like there is more to this story.

You should consider being more respectfull to others when you need something done. How dare you smear such a great company. Look at what Window World does for Veterans Airlift Command and St.Judges Children's Hospital. In a perfect world everything is perfect but guess what......the world isn't perfect!

You should be ashamed of yourself for not treating Window World better. Sometimes there's no pleasing people.


Do not buy windows from Window World in Granger, Indiana . They have been out 16 times and still problems have not been solved.



pull a piece of the exterior wrapping off and see if they added insulation if not thats what is causing your drafts would have been the first thing i would have looked at if i came out to check