Bowling Green, Ohio

We had Window World install new windows throughout our home in early 2011, choosing them because of the guarantee, price, and advertised energy savings. BIG MISTAKE!!

I wish we would have paid the extra $1,500-2,500 and went with another company because WW is a rip-off (whole house install was approx $8,000). Our windows were initially installed and without any insulation for 16 months (our 20 year-old windows were less drafty so energy savings, forget about it. Also they will reimburse you if you don't see a 35% savings, but only if provide them statements from your utility company(s), but they cap this at $500 which doesn't cover the higher bills we had for over 16 months!). We found the no insulation problem after I filed a complaint with the BBB and sent the corporate office a nasty email (which was a waste of time/energy).

WW then sent a new maintenance person to check the window install and then he insulated; however, he only did the top/bottom of the windows with nothing on the sides (I guess they think windows only leak from 2 of the 4 sides). Our home has 3 very large windows that are considered "floor to ceiling" (1' off both the floor & ceiling) so we choose 3 lite sliders; however, the screens for these windows do not stay in the frame (a huge security concern since someone can walk in through the ground floor window from outside and a small child could easily fall out these windows since the other 2 are on upper floors). Additionally, I can put my hands on both sides of the windows and move them back and forth when locked (not secure, improper size, not attached to the window frame). We have had countless service calls, complained to the corporate and local offices, yet they refuse to make any further effort to fix these issues with the big windows (we also have a casement window (crank-out) on the 2nd floor that will not seal/lock correctly).

Ironically, our neighbor had Hanson's do his windows with all casements about a month prior to our install and he had significant energy savings from the very beginning. Now I wish we would have chose Hanson's, Pella, or Champion instead!!BTW, the photos below are of the 3 lite sliders when they came back out to insulate in July 2012 and the original ground floor window (that you can remove the screen and walk through).

Notice the huge shims that have no insulation behind them, the big gaps that are still visible (they crammed used fiberglass insulation in as far as they could with a pencil), the inadequate weatherstripping, and the rotting wood frame on the upstairs window that should have been replaced prior to installation (granted this is an additional $150-250? expense, but it obviously should have been done rather than installing a new window on top of a rotting piece of wood).

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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This looks like something that was going on long before WW came into the picture. It's sad that people can come on this site and bash. Take responsibility.


Wow, did you miss the part that said these pics were a year and a half after the WW install? A lot of damage can happen when improperly sealed for that long.

And if the wood needed to be replaced when first installed, WW should have done it then (since they have in their contracts that there may be additional expenses for such problems). There's no excuse for shoddy workmanship and that seems to be WW customers' common complaint.


at any cost you should never install a window over rotten wood. not an option in my business


The problem that is consistent with many of this gentleman's complaint; he probably did not want to pay the extra for new sills. This is really common, despite ptobably being told they were neccesary.

I am in the industry and this is common for a homeowner to cut corners to reduce the cost. I have told peoeple numerous times it is not going to look good, and they reply that they will finish it themselves.

There are always two sides to every story and it is too bad ww isn't here to tell their side.


We had a great experience with WW in 2010 when a patio door and 2 basement windows were installed; that was another reason we went with them (this is my complaint). Recently (early Dec), the lock mechanism on our patio door broke so the installer came looked at it, another lock insert was ordered, and after over a month of not being able to fully lock this door we stopped by the local office and it coincidentally showed up mere days later... they seem to have serious problems with following through on even small repairs!