Strum, Wisconsin
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We contracted with Window World to have replacement windows installed. The installation date was set and we did all the required preparation for their arrival.

They called in the morning and canceld the installation because the caller said it was raining. The salesman said they install in any kind of weather. This is west central Wisconsin and it is December. The temperature is above 30 degrees.

I've been outside 3 times and my eye glasses don't get wet. What a bunch of BULL. You can't get better conditions than they are right now! We told the caller that it's ridiculous to cancel for the reasons given above.

The caller replied that they're looking out for their employees.

Apparently the caller is not familiar with the December weather in Wisconsin. Everyone I know would work outside in this weather, including myself, and be thankful it's not storming or 10 degrees below zero!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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If you will kindly call us directly at 1-866-740-2100 to discuss this matter we will be happy to help make sure your windows are installed in a timely manner going forward. Direct communication is always the best means for a timely resolution.

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