Arlington Heights, Illinois

This company is horrible! If you need new windows, call a company who knows how to install windows and save yourself the punishment this company will give you after they get your down payment .

Every window ordered had a problem with it being the wrong size or the wrong color. The office staff acted like they really didn't care about any of the problems and mistakes made ordering the windows, and why should they? They already have your down payment and your signature on a contract for the windows. Why should the installers be on time too?

The experienced installers should secure the windows with four screws and only used two on several windows. A level was never used and the installer eyeballed the windows when securing them, and many of them are out of square and you can see how crooked they sit in the opening. What a bad attitude on top of the poor quality installation. All the windows should be caulked all the way around them and were not allowing water damage to be a factor in the future.

These windows are the Top Of The Line, and after a few years they are worse than the original windows that were replaced being very drafty in the winter. This has to be the worst nightmare i have ever experienced having work done to any of the property's i have owned over the years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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On November 7, 2011 I found out about this complaint on the web. I posted a response asking that the customer contact me directly.

We will take care of any and all isues or concerns. As of today, November 16, 2011 my office nor myself has heard from this customer.

If this is an accurate post please come forward so I can make you a satisfied customer. My number is 630-778-7189 or my mail is


Dear Anonymous,

I was just recently made aware of this post and it is extremely bothersome. If you are unhappy with your installation then I ask that you contact me personally and we will do whatever needs to be done to correct the installation. We stand behind all of our windows and the installation. So we will re-install, re-caulk or even redo the capping if necessary. Please contact me in the office at 630-778-7189 and mention this post or send me an email to

I want to apologize in advance for your inconvenience and I will wait to hear from you.

David Hampton

WW of Chicagoland



We are sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction with your Window World experience. If you would like to discuss in greater detail please contact us at 1-866-740-2100. If you prefer email then please utilize our contact page at

Thank you,

Customer Relations Department

Window World Corporate

North Wilkesboro, NC