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WARNING- Do not get fooled by lower prices that Window World of Chicagoland offers.

I did not get the window that I wanted and I waited OVER 4 MONTHS for one window!!!(not a single word of apology).

On October 19th 2011,WWofC estimator came to my house. I and my wife explained that we wanted the new window to look and work exactly the same as the old one , which had a screen in front of the left panel.We went over that a few times.The contract did not specify the window handing which I pointed out. I was told that the person,who was going to come and measure the opening,would write down all the details.

We were also told that the window will be installed within 6-8 weeks( most likely 6 since it is only one window).I was assured that waiting for the measurement of the opening is not going to add up to the 6-8 weeks-"once you sign the contract you are put on the waiting list".

We waited a week and half for someone to come and measure one opening.

After the measurement,once again we explained what we wanted(the handing of the window and that we wanted 1/2 screen).My wife really did not like full screen,which makes a window look dark on the outside and inside,that is why she went over that like three times.

After 2 months of waiting for a call from Window World of Chicagoland,I called them.

I was assured the window should be installed by the end of December.

Finally, Feb 23rd 2012 ,I am scheduled for the installation between 9-10 am.I had to take a day off from work. At 10:03 that day they called me and told me that they have to reschedule for a different day.

February 25th (18 weeks and 3 days after signing the contract) the subcontractor arrives to install my window.The window is not what I asked for. The installer leaves big white smudges on the brown part of the window which he is not able to remove. That is why I refused to pay the balance of the payment until things get straightened out.

Monday morning the owner (who by the way measured the opening) calls me.He is disrespectful,raises his voice to me and my wife,threatens to take me to court.He denies he was ever explained how the window should look like and concludes: "You have signed the contract".

Yes Dave,I was misled to sign the contract which is confusing regarding window options.You win.You got the rest of the money.

My question is: why neither the owner nor his estimator had ever mentioned to me that I can not have the window option that I wanted(we went over what we wanted many times).Why was I lied about 6-8 weeks wait for the installation?Why do You cancel installation the day the window should be installed?

Maybe because I would never buy that window from You if I knew what was coming.

The window itself is not that great either .I can feel cold breeze coming from the inside weep hole in the sill.One of the panels does not slide properly(opens about 1 inch and catches on something so I have to pull it very hard in order to open it fully).I called WWofC 9 days ago regarding that problem.I am still waiting for somebody to come and fix it.

I have also found out that one of my neighbours had even more problems.She also asked for 1/2 screen so it matches the rest of the building.She has never gotten that.What she got was drafty windows and patio doors.They had to come back and redo the insulation around windows and doors.

I would NOT recommend Window World of Chicagoland to anyone.It may seem that you going to save a few bucks with them ,but it is not worth it.Save yourself from frustration and disappointment.There are so many other companies that are better than them.

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ALL I can say: SPREAD THE WORD!!! WINDOW WORLD CHICAGOLAND-JOLIET has NOT finished at my house since MAY! I am SO sorry to hear you paid them:(


Any Window can be manufactured to open left to right or right to left or to slide up or down. This is window world, they guarantee cheap which means they guarantee a problem.

Number one window company?

No, number one window company with the most complaints, problems and services, this ain't no coincidence. Santa Clara Window World lied about their license and then tried a bate and switch with me.


Sorry Dave, I tend to side with the customer on this one. What he writes is very believable and your response doesn't sound like a business owner who is customer service oriented.

A true professional wouldn't have written "...and we were the bad ones!" That told me everything I needed to know about you, your business, and your customer service. Was considering using WW here in Texas, but hoping the local business here doesn't have your lack of diplomacy when dealing with an unsatisfied customer.


I am the owner of WW of Chicagoland and the facts presented in this posting are incorrect. We installed the window that was ordered based on the contract.

Yes it took longer than normal for the window to come in and as soon as it arrived we installed it. The customer had some service issues and we went out and made the corrections. After those repairs he called again with another issue. We have been calling him for 2 weeks to go and fix the new issue with no return phone call and were the bad ones!

Sometimes you can't please someone no matter what you do. We stand behind the warranty and will always strive to make the customer happy.

By the way the window is the same window that we installed at other condo owners homes in the same complex. ?