me and my wife subcontracter for window world it was one of the worst experiences i have ever had far as my employment.just let me say what they did to us.we have to show up thursday morning to unload semi truck for free or we wont get a job.we werent allowed to use the bathroom.

they said they did trust any of there installers to use the bathroom. but yet they send us to a cutomers house and expect the customer to trust us in there own house. they promised a bonus program. every 5 good reports from customer we got 100 bucks we have did over 75 jobs they said we are the only crew they didnt have any complaints but we have only got 2 bonuses.when we come to work the boss will come in cussing and threatening everybodies job saying if we make mistakes we will get fined or fired.

if the office makes a mistake we have to swallow the mistake if we dont like it boss tells us mcdonalds is hiring.if we get sent to do 10 windows or 1 if we drive 60 miles to get to job and the salesman measured the windows wrong and we cant work they tell us we have to swallow the cost.so they dont pay us for any burnt runs or mistakes they make that cost me money.in short if window world of huntsville has employees that they cant trust to use the company bathroom should they be sending those same people to work inside your house.if you have an employee that never has complaints always shows up always makes the customer happy. would you try to cheat them out of a 50 dollar referral bonus. they did us. mcdonalds is not much but if i show up i will get paid they arent going to say work for free if you wanna get work that pays money.when we first hired on they told us they had over 60 reports to the B.B.B.in 5 months.

thats not good.i wondered why i heard of so many poeple that worked there in the past but quit after a short time. Now i know .i know of poeple that have quit first day because the way the boss cussed at everybody andjust mostly talk to employees like dogs and if we dont like it hit the road.

wont be long till the only employees they keep CANT get a job anywhere else.if your a good employee and can find work you will find something different than working for window world of huntsville.


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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #948346

Window world treats all of their employeesike *** and pay them very poorly its sad

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #712861

my husband just left window world of boston after three yrs Nd being numbef 10 in the cuntry for all the business my husband brought in they treated him like *** never paid him what he ws supposed to get paid and eric peabody the manageris a *** who steals money from the company , I suggest they can that *** and put him in jail.


We will never again have our company name tied in with Window World. It takes years to build a name for your business and ten minutes to destroy it and every experience we have had with Window World has been a bad one. We relate 100% to your comment!


I ask Window World to fix my window that was not put in right.The screens don.t fit and the window does not shut.

It's like an 1/8 inch on one end of the window, and 1/2 inch on the top. This will be my third call for them to come on fix it. They say when yhere is a guy in my area they will stop by.

That has been months age.I hope that is soon.


Windows of the 80's that I had installed seem to be better than these.Replaced them because of film on the inside.

They didn't leak air like these do or condensate like the new ones. Installed in 2010.Installers did get seven windows done quickly and cleaned up the mess. Not all of them leak,but should have checked them out before getting them.I personally recommend them to someone else and they measured the window wrong and some of the windows don't open, cranks are bad. They called several times and no open ever shows up from the allentown office.

I even called for this person and talked to the rep and still no one shows up when they say they will.Wouldn't do it again.


I work for window world in Minnesota.Our window is the alside excalidur this is a quality window.

A lot of contractors sell it. They will tell home owners that we have the cheap version. It's the same window. AMI does not have a separate production line for window world.

We get a good price because we buy factory direct and nationally we buy quantity. We keep the insallers who do the best work the busiest if the installers don't like the way we pay they can leave. They are subs not employees. Codensation on a window is caused by the environment inside a house.

Even in Minnesota and Wisconsin where it's dry in the winter you will get condensation. This is caused by the moister a home owner puts in the air. If you breathe,bathe,do dishes,have plants our pets you will put moister in the air.

If he window is leaking then the moister is getting out and won't condense on the window.Just because you know how to put a window in doesn't mean you know what your talking about.


I was a subcontractor for window world of Macon Georgia two years the first time I got screwed out of alot of money when the first owner was there!the new owner took over thinking he was okay they called me to come back because I did quality work!i went back with no service calls only a good installer report.Got the company out of a slump again,and got rear ended again cause I would not just slam the windows in there and I done quality work.

They wanted the windows just put in there and done and more less ,I dont care, collect the money is more less what they wanted! I am not that way I always done a good job and done my customers right. And I am going to continue what I have been doing for the past 27years and I want change for anyone!I left and them oweing me $1295.00 dollars and they want pay I dont want to but Ive had to put leans on the customers houses.

Until it is resolved!So look out homeowners and buyers for Window World Of Macon Georgia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :(


ahhh, thats funny, window world doesnt make us(subs) unload trucks every single week for free? Thats a lie ask the guys from wisconsin or minnesota they can tell you.


Ya its funny, they tell that the condensation is your fault even if its just your master bedroom.I get that the new windows dont leak as much air, but here in wisconsin winters are really dry and to ask me to run a dehumidifier in the winter is retarded.

The windows replaced in a lot of homes are from the 1990's and didnt leak much more than the new window world ***, so why do the windows have such a bad condensation/mold issue.Im sure its because these windows and the engineering involved has to be inferior.


As a former employee for window world minnesota I can tell you most of the points made here are valid.The installers are made to unload trucks without compensation.

If your not the favorite you will get the least amount of work even if your the best installer. The employees and installers are treated like ***, pay cuts, mistakes made by measure guys. The windows are *** and window world has nothing to do with the manufacturing of the windows. They are not installed properly because the installers do not like working for slave wages.

The windows are not squared, shimmed and caulked properly because everyones trying to make money. No matter how many times I tried to convince myself they were good windows, they just werent. Problems ranging from coming out of frame easily, sliding problems, leaking air problems, locking problems, seal failure on a regular basis, screens that never fit properly, not putting tempered glass where needed untill the inspector notices, water/condesation/bad mold problems/weep holes filling with dirt and mold, marring on frames from packaging and transport. Some people have a good experience with this company, but man when it goes bad you will wish you went elswhere and paid more.

Dont let the 189$ bs fool you.look at the type of window you want, low-e, argon gas, wraps needed and so forth and you will soon learn that 189 is a bunch of ***.

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