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me and my wife subcontracter for window world it was one of the worst experiences i have ever had far as my employment. just let me say what they did to us.we have to show up thursday morning to unload semi truck for free or we wont get a job.we werent allowed to use the bathroom.

they said they did trust any of there installers to use the bathroom. but yet they send us to a cutomers house and expect the customer to trust us in there own house. they promised a bonus program. every 5 good reports from customer we got 100 bucks we have did over 75 jobs they said we are the only crew they didnt have any complaints but we have only got 2 bonuses.when we come to work the boss will come in cussing and threatening everybodies job saying if we make mistakes we will get fined or fired.

if the office makes a mistake we have to swallow the mistake if we dont like it boss tells us mcdonalds is hiring.if we get sent to do 10 windows or 1 if we drive 60 miles to get to job and the salesman measured the windows wrong and we cant work they tell us we have to swallow the cost.so they dont pay us for any burnt runs or mistakes they make that cost me money.in short if window world of huntsville has employees that they cant trust to use the company bathroom should they be sending those same people to work inside your house.if you have an employee that never has complaints always shows up always makes the customer happy. would you try to cheat them out of a 50 dollar referral bonus. they did us. mcdonalds is not much but if i show up i will get paid they arent going to say work for free if you wanna get work that pays money.when we first hired on they told us they had over 60 reports to the B.B.B.in 5 months.

thats not good.i wondered why i heard of so many poeple that worked there in the past but quit after a short time. Now i know .i know of poeple that have quit first day because the way the boss cussed at everybody andjust mostly talk to employees like dogs and if we dont like it hit the road.

wont be long till the only employees they keep CANT get a job anywhere else. if your a good employee and can find work you will find something different than working for window world of huntsville.

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There is nothing wrong with subcontractors. Some companies have subs that have been doing excellent work for them for many many years.

There is something wrong with a company that has a high turn over in subs. It's because they don't pay them enough, they treat them bad, and so all they get are the bottom of the barrel installers.

Window World is a cheap franchise and all their claims are lies.

My windows look like ***, and they won't come back and make it right. You get what you pay for.


todd whitworth died.end of story.


All Window World use sub contractors for their installs. This way they are not responsible for taxes, insurance etc.

Every word he said is true about the way sub contractors are treated. There are a lot of stores that handle their employees the same way.

I also used window world and the store I used had top notch installers, cleaned up everything before they left. Corporate should look more closesly at some of the owners of these franchises.


window world dc same thing


number 1 - why are they using subcontractors in the first place. You should be using a company who had only W2 employees.


Truly, I had windows installed by WW of Salisbury MD. Good job - they left some caulkling scraps out on the roof and some other substandard clean-up. I thought the clean up should have been better.

I'm VERY pleased with the windows a year later. Don't know why I won't be in a few more.

Remember that some "reviews' are posted by competitors, sales people from competitors and installers who think that WW is undercutting their price/profit/labor rate.


Why did you post as a disgusted employee when your first statement that: "me & my wife are sub contractors; there-bye discredits you from the start.

Just a few observations:

1) As a sub contractor you are NOT an employee:

2) I'm sure that if your workmanship was as good as your english writing skills, Window World should have removed you from their payroll sooner.

( My wife and I were sub-contractors: would have been a better way to start your whining and bogus post)

3) Obviously, you did not like being held accountable for your workmanship.

4) Nationally Window World has an A Rating from the BBB.

So jumpback into your pick'um up truck and mozy back to your trailer, drink your case of beer cause it's almost noon BUBBA: