Yuma, Arizona
Not resolved

Window World of Yuma Arizona hires installers promising steady work for a long period of time.

This was a lie. all they do, is use people to get caught up because they get behind on installations.

As soon as they get caught up, they dismiss the employee for some BS reason. In my case it was refusal to perform un safe installation procedures. They claimed that my refusal constituted some form of insubordination.

They used this as grounds for dismissal.

This shows not only a lack of honesty but a disregard for worker safety.

They told me I would only need to train for a few days, then forced me to train for over a month during which I spent time solving problems created by other installers that did a *** job and in some instances had to train the "person" that was training me.

In my opinion the owners lack not only an appropriate level of trade knowledge but integrity as well.

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must have been renni and her *** ka.or whatever his *** name is


Sounds like you got fired and you can't handle it!!