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DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE...STAY AWAY!! We recently purchased a house in Medina, Ohio.

We hired contractors to remodel the garage. They contracted with Window World of Akron, Ohio, to replace 10 windows in the garage. Window World came out and replaced the windows with new ones. Two weeks ago, one of our dogs came into the house limping, with blood on his leg.

We rushed him to the veterinarian's office. After x-rays and a full exam it turned out he had a glass cut on his leg. We went back home and started to look for broken glass. When we started to walk through the ivy that surrounds the garage where all the windows were replaced, we found to our amazement, enough broken glass to fill a large box.

Large sharp jagged pieces, and smaller shards of all shapes and sizes. It took us nearly 2 hours to pick up all that we were able to find. Mixed in with the glass were broken pieces of the old framing from the old windows that the Window World installers had knocked out when replacing the windows. We called the Akron office of Window World and asked to speak to a supervisor.

We were told that someone would call us back within 24 hours. No one ever did. I called two days later, and was told the same thing. No one called.

I called this afternoon, 7 days after my original phone call, and finally reached the owner, Alex Rohrer. He told me that it was not his responsibility, because our contractors had signed off on their work, once the windows had been installed . I explained to him that our contractors had not found the broken glass at that point in time, but that it obviously happened when the windows were replaced by Window World employees. Alex told me that it was not his responsibility, and that he would not meet with us and the contractor together, to assess the situation and to take responsibility for our dog's injury and veterinary bills.

I explained to him that even though our contractor had signed off on the installation of the windows, that it was the Window World installers who had left all the broken glass around the garage that resulted in our dog's injury. Our contractors had simply not found it because it was buried in the ivy where it was out of sight. He said that Window World was done with us, and would not meet with us or consider paying our dog's veterinary bill.

We will now be suing Window World in small claims court. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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You did not hire Window World. You have a beef with the contractor you hired, not Window World.

You don't know what communication took place between your contractor and his subcontractor (Window World).

Maybe your contractor told Window World to leave the mess. I'll wager your lawsuit was thrown out because it was against the wrong company.


Thanks, for the posting and the heads up! I was going to check it out, but not now. Their lack of response a d compassion tells me they're guilty.


Consumer Watch Group is associated with Champion Windows. LOL.

Unfortunatly, glass may have been broken by WW or have been there for a long time.

No way to prove that WW broke it. They should have volntered to clean it up anyways.

@WW Rocks

Glass was not there before because we garden in that area. Window World knocked out the windows, and then there was glass everywhere in the ivy and the flowerbed... Proof positive.


why didn't you check out the work when they were done


You also better check your dog for lead paint poisoning. Did WW test for lead (home built before 1978)?

They most likely ignored this federal EPA law if glass/debris was found. It has to be bagged and vacuumed. They have been fined in the past (google:EPA lead paint fines,WW). Call your local EPA specialist.

My guess is paperwork was signed in the dark or towards the end of the day when visibility was diminishing? Any solid company would assist you with your concerns. They have very few employees on the books and are loaded w/subcontractors that float from town to town. The FTC is closing in on this right now.

There is substantial infighting going on right now where the actual stores are "suing" the main headquarters. Run while you can Tonto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!