Des Allemands, Louisiana

All the people on here have one thing in commen ,,,,you bought window world windows cause they were cheap in the begining,,,,,, now your mad and have no reason to be... you bought cheap and got cheap... now you have to pay again to get good windows at a good price not a cheap price....Hope this is a good lesson for you,,, cheap still means cheap

You get what you pay for in the world of windows and you are at you cheapest at window world,,, you wanted cheap and you got it so dont be mad>>

The most expensive window you can buy is the one you buy twice.....

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I have read these comments and have to say. I had the first half of my house done by Champion and then had 2 windows on the back done by Window World.

First of All I paid 2 and 1/2 times the cost for the champion and have had to get them to replace the glass because they got foggy on 4 of the windows. I have never had a problem with the window world windows. Dont quite know how to justify the "you get what you pay for" saying here. BTW, I am on here checking these out because I am about to do the last 8 windows on my house and I found this site interesting.

Trust Them, They do good work. If they have a bad window I wouldn't know it and at least you didn't pay $700.00 for it and it go bad.



Had a window replaced. It was the easiest sale the rep ever made because I knew what I wanted, had him meet me at my house, directed him to the window to take a measurement, asked him what the cost was and gave him a check. he told me he would match the other windows in my house.

When the window was installed, the window was great but the pattern was off. I paid the 2nd half upon installation and then spoke with the office manager, Nancy, on the phone a day or two later. I told her the window worked well, bu the pattern was off and the window is at the front of my house so people can see it. She told me she would have the rep call me as "he was not supposed to have promised matching patterns." This was done in June, 2011 - no call from the rep.

I have another 2 windows I would like replaced. Gues what? I'm not calling Window World.



I would certainly like to know more about the particular Window World store from which you purchased your windows. Please contact me at 1-866-740-2100 to discuss.

If you are more comfortable with email conversation then please contact me at at your convenience.

Thank you,

Customer Relations Manager

Window World Corporate


I will join a class action suit.

My estimate from WW were right in range with other contractor that I called. And they did a terrible job.

From Lack of Measurments to Lousy Windows, Installation crew(s), Poor Installation,and Poor Clean up, and then took 4 company reps to come out (DELAY me ?) to see what I was complaining about.

NOW want to replace my sashes (what the...??)instead of replacing the defective windows, etc. Lies from the beginning with a very charming salesman who assured me windows made by WW and TRAINED (HA!) installers worked only for them!!


The cheapest isn't always the cheapest (never is) and the most expensive isn't always the best. Check BBB for an accredited business which means it has no unresolved complaints.

Doesn't mean it hasn't had a complaint only that it has taken care of any and all problems once it was notified if it got one from the BBB. I only found this out myself recently after some A/C work was done and if they are not accredited I will not use them. You would be surprised how few there are in the A/C business. Windows now and found this thread via Google search.

Don't want Window World that's for sure. Later :-).


One man's 'cheap' is another man's weekly pay! I would not consider $208 (in spite of their 188 claim) 'cheap'.

Sure, you do get what you pay for... but you also buy what you can afford.

And when a company PROMISES quality product and PROMISES quality service and reliability but delivers nothing approaching their PROMISES, then the consumer is not at fault for anything more than trusting the promises. And when promises from a retailer are broken, letting others know is to be commended, not attacked.