Charlotte, North Carolina

This was the first time I have used this company to replace 1 window pane. Long story short, this was the worst experience ever!!

Well, I guess it would have been a good experience, if it wasn't for the service guys getting 2 flat tires, showing up late for appointments, showing up with the "wrong" size window...TWICE! I guess it would have a wonderful experience. Don't waste your time with this company.

Find someone who will take your money and delivery good service the first time. These people wasted not only 1 of my Saturdays but two and all I got was I'm sorry.

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A friend of ours bought windows from a company, only to find out they were out of business a few years later, so when he had issues he was stuck. He recommended we do our homework since he didn't, and he had to pay for having more than $3,000 in seal failures replaced by a glass company since the company was out of business.

We have 22 of their windows and they are great! The World of Windows salesman was knowledgeable, and he told us that since they are a franchise, one of over 200 across the country, that there would always be someone to take care of any warranty issues. Also, the World of Windows price was half the price of the two other window competitors that quoted our project. Two of the other competitors that came to our home we had to threaten to call the police to get them to leave after 3 long hours of their presentation followed by them trying to pressure us to sign their contract!

The work was completed by World of Windows on-time, and as promised. We have even had a seal failure in a window where it fogged up between the glass, which was fixed under warranty at no charge to us. Thanks for the recommendation from our friend Gregg to do our homework. The warranty will even transfer to someone else, if we ever sell our house.

What a great value. I don't know why you would buy windows from any other company, when these windows are so great and affordable. You could buy them twice from Window World, or World of Windows as they have to go by in Charlotte, for what the competitors charge. Our energy bills have gone down, and we only need blinds for privacy now.

You can barely feel the suns energy through the windows at the hottest time of the afternoon.

I usually don't read the b.s. that people put up here, but I saw this comment, and it is so different from our experience with them I had to say something. I guess flat tires do happen, as I have seen a few people broken down with them on the highway.

All I can say it they did a great job for us, and I would highly recommend them. I guess sometimes things go wrong, it isn't a perfect World after all, but it looks like they resolved your issue in the end, and you got an apology.


I called in December 2013 to get a sun porch window replaced that is suppose to have a lifetime warranty . I had to call again in February 2014.

Window is finally replaced May 7 but it is defected. The employee said he would report it & it would be about a week . Called yesterday ( June) & manager is never available to talk to me. My husband called (today) & she said it was on order & it should be in the next week or 2 .

( spoke of rain . What has rain got to do with putting windows on a truck and shipping them here ?) Same old blah , blah , I've heard since February.

My windows have been paid for so it's let's move on to next customer . Need better customer service by connecting with the customer & taking care of those that recommend the business to others .