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On their TV ads they claim that Pres. Obama passed a law that will give consumers a tax credit for energy savings.

That is NOT true, the tax law was passed under the Bush administration. It's is a minor detail to some, but to others, it is not. I think credit should be given where credit is due. Why try to trick the consumer?

Just tell the truth or omit Obama all together. That's my feelings. Are they trying to get more customers simply by using Obama's name in their advertising? I think they should do their homework if they're going to make these kinds of statements on TV.

Just a frustrated Republican making a point. Thank you for your time.

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They lure you in with the pretense of not having to purchase anything but don't be fooled, the minute they knew we werern't purchasing anytime soon they rolled up their paper and packed up their bags and we didn't get our free dinner to boot for our trouble nor did we get any stisfaction from this. I wanted a quote on a tin roof and one of those jerks shouts out a price while he's waliking out the door!!!!!!


I can't stand Republicans! I'm an Independent but Obama's policies are more to the right then the Republicans that were in power in the sixties and seventies when I was growing up.

For some reason the current Republicans in power continue to blast him relentlessly. If a Republican did the same as he's doing now he/she would receive nonstop praise.

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It doesn't matter who wrote the bill. Obama signed the American reinvestment and recovery act that made it lawful.

To go further that particular tax credit was originally written by a republican congressman from GA. When it was originally proposed it was for 50% not the 30% that it is now. You see Both president's signed tax credit legislation. The 1,500 currently available is the largest it's ever been.

That should clear things up a bit. Beyond that if you really want to go into the politics of it then here's something that will blow your mind... If it's stimulating then why does the bill give you all of 2009 and 2010. The bills intent is to stimulate now?

I wonder then WHY DIDN'T it start at 50% for 6 months. Then drop down in percentage over time in order to create incentive to act now? Just something for all to ponder.....

Make sure you can back up what you write. Remember someone always knows more.

Just so YOU know, I'm a registered Republican as well. I should also tell you I'm an employee of Window World. Wouldn't want to trick anybody. Window world has over 200 independently owned offices.

I don't know how much control they have over how their owners advertise? I'm a salesman not an owner.

That being said I agree with you that polarising issues such as this should be avoided if you want to sell a product to everybody. Good luck with your decision!


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And we hope you have much success in your search for windows. Be a wise consumer.

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