Indianapolis, Indiana

Window World on Country Club Road in Indianapolis did not show up for our scheduled appointment on September 18,2010 between 9-11am. I did not get a call from the installer nor the companies office to tell me what was up on my day off.I was to have a defective picture window replaced.

Understand they installed a defective window during the initial installation. I called the office attendant and she said they scheduled too many jobs between 9-11am on Saturday the 18th. I called back at 12:00pm to get the number of the Owner. The office attendant told me the owner would call me but never did.

I will never refer this business to anyone! The BBB and Attorney Generals office will get a call first thing Monday Morning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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Dear Small Business Owner, aka: *** shill,

The OP made it clear that (s)he tried multiple times over a 5 week peroid to resolve the issue. WW is at fault, not the OP. Of course, you knew that already, but being a lying piece-of-*** *** shill, you try to deflect the facts and and make the victim the bad guy.


Ah, Ive got a simular complaint. I've been trying for (5) weeks now to get my 9' patio door installed correctly.

They had to reorder one of the parts and I have to call every week to find out they havnt even looked for the part yet. 5 WEEKS! I SPENT OVER $7200 for this part of my project and that was only phase 1. They do not respond when I call and will not proved the salemans contact info for me to try and get this worked out.

They don't deserve my business and wont get phase 2 for another $5200. If not resolved within the next week then it there will be attorneys involved and complaints to the AG's office.


Interesting how people will run to the BBB and the attorney general before even working things out first. That’s what’s wrong with this country.

It’s a Saturday and this guy assumes that the owners got the message and decided maliciously to ignore it. As a business owner myself I know that any owner wouldn’t purposely want this situation to have occurred. Obviously the installer let them down. Get over it.

It happens.

Give them a chance to rectify it first before running, crying to big brother, for goodness sakes. What happened to decent people giving others the benefit of the doubt and working it out first?