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They replaced entire windows in my apartment and three other units in our complex building. After about 7 days, I noticed few flies trapped between the screen and the window. I thought they are coming from outside thru the gaps, so I went outside and taped entire pane so nothing can come inside. The next day I woke up and I saw hundreds of flies all over my house , it's so discussting. I called the operation manager in Boston, Jeff Steele, and explain the situation, he was supposed to investigate this issue but I haven't heard anything back from him and he doesn't respond my calls anymore.

I talked to the installer and he came and verified the issue, he mentioned that they had this issue with some other customers. Apparently these windows are put outside somewhere and bugs went inside and nested inside the window panes.

It's been several days that my house is infested and they haven't made any attempt to fix it.

I think I have no resort but to take my claim to the court for damages.

If you decide to buy windows from them, JUST THINK TWO TIME BEFORE MAKING DECISION.

I couldn't upload the pics but if you want to see some pics just send me email.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Replacement.

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My mother too her windows were installed and flies around bay window it was hundreds of them!! Is this strange,now they are gone but it freaked her out.I never thought it was from window I thought it was when they ripped all siding off .then they resided.

Now reading your letter I now know. So thanks for sharing.