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Yes I’ve had WW install siding & windows at my home . I looked at there ratings and talked to a few others about doing business with them and was told they do good work.

So my wife and I agreed to go ahead and get them to install the new 14 windows and siding !!!

Everything was going great the the first day was glad to c them getting the work done . Than cane day two they were working on the back of the house than the side . As they were working on the side our ac unit quit working and was like dang really . So we couldn’t get anyone out to look at our unit until Sunday which this was on a Tuesday .

They worked on and said that they would work longer days to finish by Saturday and we said cool . So Saturday came and they finished and requested there finial payment I told them I was still waiting on our upstairs frosted window that they didn’t send out to be installed plus a screen that was damaged as well . But they insisted that they must be paid because the job was finished . And they sent us a date that the window would be installed.

So my wife wrote them the check . Than came Sunday our ac guy came to install the new ac unit . As I was at breakfast with my kids I get the call that we have a major issue . I ask what was wrong they say the crew ran a nail through ur ac line and that’s what caused ur unit to burn up .

And on top of that they could fill the unit because it was leaking out as fast as the put it in .. so I called WW got a operator that said I can only take a message. Than I called our sales rep got nothing until later day . Telling me that they would be calling me the next business day .

Now take in fact it’s 95 degrees outside and 89 in the house . So came Monday when a guy named Anglo from WW called and right away ask if I could prove that the installers did this !! Than said without any prof I had no claim . So I right away called my bank and put a hold on the last installment.

Anglo found this out and right away said u need to pay us right now u have no prof they did this . I told him that they needed to take the siding off so my guy could get to the line and fix it . Anglo said no they can run a new line straight up the middle of our new siding and cover it up with a white strip I said no it wasn’t that way before and it’s not like that now and he said that they wouldn’t take the siding off . So now my wife and I r like really u treat ur customers like this really !!!

We’ve done nothing but treat ur crew with respect we feed them we bought them beer and paid them cash money to do extras and this is how WW is going to treat us . So came Tuesday afternoon I get an email from WW saying we will pay u $ 1950.00 and wouldn’t take the siding off . I right away declined there offer and let them know that the new unit would $ 5200.00 and would need to have the siding taken off . Than I get another email from someone named Greg Deathridge saying I better take there offer now and pay them there money .

I said not gonna happen !! Than I get a lawyer and right away Greg starts harassing and treating us as we r dirt . As all of this is happening it’s been well over a week sense they broke my ac line which they New they hit because the line carries 140 to 170lbs of psi which when u hit that much pressure u hear it big time . And the temperature has went up close to 100 degrees .

I send my kids to there moms senes I had no ac upstairs . My wife and I sleep down stairs her on the front couch me on the back couch sense we have a unit for upstairs and one for downstairs. Than vomes Wednesday of the following week I come home late from work and c my wife on the front porch and right away I knew the worst had happened. Yeap the downstairs unit went down and right away I called the ac company they come out the next day and I get the call ur unit has burnt up .

I said how could this have happened he said sense ur unit wasn’t working upstairs ur downstairs unit was working overtime trying to keep up and with the temperatures being close to 100 just couldn’t handle it . So now let me say my kids have been shipped out of there house to there mothers house because there’s no ac upstairs my wife and I r sleeping downstairs now that unit is burnt up and it’s been a almost 3 weeks without any ac and Greg Deathridge has set back in ac with his family while his customers have been treated like trash and have been living in 100 degrees day in day out !! Greg Deathridge is not a good person to work with or to talk to .

He can put whatever he wants in books or on his websites to make himself look good when in all reality he’s just a thug who mistreats his customers and only cares about getting there money not customer satisfaction at all !!! There’s so much more I could say but not until this is done per my lawyer !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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