Gainesboro, Tennessee

I called for a free estimate. The next day a man came out and in a matter of minutes he handed me a very nice folder filled with brochures and cards I asked him for a price and he said $5700.

I have 17 windows so $3200 is what you would think it should have been. I asked him about window grids and low E. He said no that wasn't included in my price. Grids would be $30 extra he didn't say what the low E would be.

Anyway he was my second bid. My first bid was A very nice man who offered grids between the glass and low E for $5100. Job was complete and a very nice job 2 weeks.

The long and short of this is window world works on volume.

They bid as many as they can knowing most people don't get more than one bid. They use very cheap bottom line windows.

No service and they make a ton of money. Please do your home work and get at least 2 bids!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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The Windows are great because they are made by other companies. Window World and their installers are working on volume and offer NO labor warranty therefore making their service and installation a joke!!


Why is every comment that "defends" Window World from "Anonymous"? Granted, I'm Anonymous, but that's because I just came here to read these horror stories before ordering windows...

and won't be coming back so I'm not signing up for a one time visit.

But wouldn't you think, if you were truly defending Window World on a site built to discredit it... that you wouldn't only have the defenders being "Anonymous"?

So they could be proven as satisfied customers as opposed to interns working at their facilities with spare time on their hands? Or proven as managers / installers proud to work for them and be found for customer service?


I install windows. Window worlds window is as good if not better than anyone else s out there!