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I would like to relay my experience with Window World of Hickory, NC. My wife and I had single pane windows, gutter rot, etc. in an older home and we needed some renovations done pretty badly to our home built in 1962. At the time, I was in Grad school while working full-time and my wife is a teacher who stays constantly busy taking our son to wrestling and football practices, tournaments, games, etc. We are the typical busy American household which left little time for DIY renovation. After researching windows online and asking around, an employee of mine had been a sales rep for Window World before and relayed that the windows and products used there were really good but the Hickory, N.C. office was not ran very well so to beware.

I then proceeded to search their reviews online and even came across a warning on their facebook page stating that they had hired window world to do gutters and they were installed incorrectly causing the water to run between the gutter and fascia and they had tried with constant failure to get the company to come fix the gutter installation. I gave the benefit of doubt that this may be a one off and allowed the company to come quote me anyway. The owner of the local franchise, Brian Rose came out and was literally one of the nicest guys we ever met. Not pushy at all, guaranteed the product and offered us a price extremely competitive with buying the windows ourselves and hiring contractors to take care of all our needs. The lifetime warranty and local one stop shop (in regards to our needs), of the company were the primary factors that led us to buy $13,241.00 worth of windows, gutters, fascia, soffit, and labor from the company. We signed for this on October 11, 2017 with an estimated completion time of mid-December, 2017.

In mid-december, I called as I had received no communication from the company to inquire about the status of our installation as not one crew had begun work. My answer was that the material was delayed due to tornado damage in the area in late October, 2017. Very understandable! I was told I would receive a call within the next 2 weeks to set up installation as the material would be in. We waited for several weeks and received no calls, emails, NOTHING. At this point, I had already given them $6,545.00 and I had other workers beginning to build a deck on the back of my house attached to a 2 story garage and their instruction was to hold off until the Window World project was complete. Beginning of January, 2018, I called again to get a status update and was told that the items were still not there and they apologized but they would be in touch with me. After this, I advised my other workers to begin construction of the deck and building because they were giving me a discounted rate on labor due to off season and slow work.

During the initial sales call, Brian and I had decided and set in concrete that replacing the gutters prior to the windows so that no accidental damage would happen to the new windows during gutter, fascia, and soffit replacement. I received a call early February that the windows had arrived and he had to get them out ASAP because they were taking up too much room in his warehouse so could I please allow an installer to come out that Saturday. Aside from our agreement that other work would be done first, We were just happy to get the ball rolling. On February 10th, 2018, the window installation crew came out to do the windows. They were here early, very polite and hard working. They replaced all 24 windows in one day and we felt a huge relief to finally begin seeing the fruits of our investment. The installer noticed that one of the windows screens had a rip in it and he did not have the screen to replace it at the time on his vehicle but he would come out later and replace that screen. Very nice guy and still think highly of his crew aside from the fact that they did leave quite a few nails and screws laying around the house. (Not good with a child, 2 dogs, and wife who likes to walk barefoot across our property). We noticed immediately that the windows were much better than the old single panes as the temperature in the house was more stable and the noise reduction from the nearby highway was reduced significantly.

The following weekend, the fascia and soffit replacement crew showed up and began tearing everything apart. Part of the contract was for our aluminum awnings to be removed and rehung so that the company could perform their work. They did not have enough manpower, so I ended up paying my deck contractors to assist them in taking down the awning since it was so long and awkward. They finished in two days. (This crew left a substantial amount of nails in our yard and driveway. So much that, that evening we went to Lowes to buy magnets to sweep our driveways and yard. We filled a flower planter full of nails).The Soffit and fascia that was to be done aside from the addition to the house was complete. The fascia crew stated that they would leave the awnings on the ground until the gutter crew was complete the following weekend then they would come back out and rehang them immediately. This actually worked in my favor as I had been wanting to pressure wash them and re-paint them for some time. That week, I went to Home Depot and bought 150 dollars in spray paint and spent the week prepping the metal and painting.

The gutter crew came out and gutters were hung in early March for the existing structure (Once again, we found nails and screws all over our property). Unfortunately, one of the down-spouts was hung in a different location while other downspouts we paid for were not installed that we had paid for. The down spout that was hung back in the wrong location prevented the awnings from being rehung, therefore the awnings continued to lay on the grass. The gutter installer stated he would be back the following day and we never received a phone call. We called in again to be told that one of the gutter installers had called out and that’s why he did not show back up but they would contact him and let us know something. A week passed and we heard nothing. We called again to find that the gutter crew was on vacation. We exclaimed the awning were killing our grass and that the newly painted awnings were getting mud stained from the rain and since they were upside down, the steel frames that I had worked so hard prepping were starting to bleed a little rust back through the paint. They reassured us that as soon as the installer got back that he would come fix the spout. The following week, the gutter crew came to fix the location of the down spout. This was around the end of March.

By now, the grass in our yard under the awnings is dead and the new paint and hard work on awnings was ruined by mud and rust to the underside frame from rain damage. We then attempt to get the fascia crew back out to please hang awnings. At the time, they were on another job and tried to schedule coming out the following week. It was not until mid-April that the awnings were rehung. That evening was repulsive as we come home to see the awnings hung warped, bent, and of the utmost unprofessional quality one can expect. We actually had three awnings total to begin with but after seeing the quality of work, we decided against allowing them to touch the last one and hung it on my wife’s parents back porch more effectively with no experience than a group of men who are supposed to be professionals. Keep in mind, my wife is 115 lbs and we did it by ourselves. Between the gutters being complete on the primary structure and the awnings being rehung, I did notice that the bathroom fan exhaust that was attached to the old soffit was not transferred to the new soffit and the installers actually left my exhaust flex pipe laying in my attic pushing all moisture into my attic. NOT GOOD!

Now, the addition to our house was well on the way and we had decided that we were going to extend our roof over our deck and attach it to our 2 story garage which all would need soffit and gutters. We realized this in February and began calling attempting to add more soffit and gutter to the order. Brian had become pretty ill (sick) and could not come out so they were to send Daniel, another rep, out to get the details to be added to the order. It was not until April 4th that Brian Rose came back to our home to add to the order. This was just weeks after he had underwent surgery and radiation. So we added another $2,728.00 to the order. After all the complications, we highly considered not using them but at this point, we wanted the same material to be used for soffit and guttering for standardization.

The addition was complete on April 13th and ready for gutters, soffit, and fascia. Brian knew this when we ordered the extra material and he stated this was common material kept in stock so having it ready upon completion would not be an issue. The Soffit and fascia were installed within a week (this crew actually dismantled parts of the 2 story garage I had paid 20k for and threw it in a burnpile we had by the construction site) but the gutters were not installed until May (Both times leaving nails and screws in my driveway again). This was right in the middle of rain season and almost daily I was wet vacuuming my carport to keep the water off the wood framed base of my new garage. I called in multiple times begging for the gutters over this period stating the water was overflowing to no avail. I eventually came outside in the middle of one bad rain storm with a matic and had to dig ditches through my yard to divert the water from puddling up in my carport (I was a soaking wet-muddy mess).

Once the “bulk of the work” was complete in early May, we noticed that the fascia crew had actually ripped another one of the screens which happens to be the one right in front of “her” kitchen window in addition to the other ripped screen, the bathroom fan exhaust that was disposed of, the missing downspouts, water overflow due to non-installation of an overflow guard which was requested, leaking gutter joints, warped and bent awnings, a cut dogwood tree, dead grass, wasted time and money on prep and painting the awnings, multiple missed days of work, numerous phone calls with no responses, etc. We then attempt to convince Window World that the awnings need to be fixed, screens replaced as stated, exhaust vent replaced, gutter fixed to compensate for water leakage and overflow. Brian came out to meet my wife so she could vent a little to him as I was exhausted at this point with dealing with the company as I had just graduated with my masters, my workload at my job was overbearing and I could not miss anymore time. She was reassured that she would be contacted in regards to having screens replaced, exhaust fan replaced, awnings and gutters fixed. He did mention at this time that the awnings were kind of old to begin with and that he was thinking of buying an awning company and that he would sale us awnings at his cost, HA!

That week, the gutter crew came out to re-seal the gutter joints and install the missing down spouts. They only had enough material to do one of the paid for spouts and did not install an overflow guard. More calls and several weeks later, they come back and I take off work again to be here to insure they finish the work. They did install the final down spout and re-sealed the gutter joints stating they were not sealed good and they had to adjust the angle given the gutters were not plumbed accurately causing the water to puddle in the gutters. They also cut a piece of tin and screwed it to the problem area of overflow stating they did not have the right thing at the time but that piece of tin should suffice as it was basically the same thing. I did not feel comfortable with accepting rigged guttering given I had paid top dollar for what is supposedly top notch material but I knew the installers were hot on the roof and it was late so I gave them some bottles of cold water and sent them on their way. The next day we had a rain storm and immediately noticed that the overflow guard would not suffice as it barely reduced the rate of overflow.

That evening we tried calling to inform them that the make shift guard was not working and to try and get an update on all the other work. For several days we tried calling and received nothing but we will be in touch. Around a week later, we finally reached Brian and he stated that he would be sending the window crew out to fix screens and he would get with us on fixing the other issues. In the mean time, we were still so dissatisfied with the awnings that we decided to have a local awning company come give us a quote on just replacing our awnings. They quoted us at $4,400.00 to replace the awnings and were appalled at the damage to our vintage awnings which are no longer made nor can be fixed, and the unprofessional work of Window World. He stated that he had been in the awning business for over 30 years and had never seen awnings done so poorly and that these could not be repaired.

We have not, since mid-May had anyone else come to our home to fix any of the other issues, no one has returned our calls, apologized, NOTHING! We still owe the company over a thousand dollars and they have not even called about their money. No one has offered any solutions or reconciliation for the lost time at work, dead grass, ruined awnings, ripped screens, exhaust fan that is still pumping moisture into my attic, cut dogwood, failed makeshift overflow guard, etc. We literally signed on October 11th, 2017. This project has been going on for nearly ten months and our estimated completion time was 8 months ago. WOW! We literally have lost faith that this company will try to help us any further without us riding them consistently. Initially, we were so happy with Brian Rose that we referred a friend who spent thousands there as well and he too has been waiting and waiting. I feel ashamed to have referred such a company to a friend. Unfortunately, I will no longer be referring anyone due to the extreme dissatisfaction we have experienced.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Window World Pros: Windows.

Window World Cons: Time lost, Damaged property.

  • Window World poor service
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The first 4 windows that were put were awful, so they came took them all out put back in fixed the trim and two are still leaking air. Then like a dummy had six more put in have had new windows ordered to replace those but they never put them in the manager George told me I was crazy but if I had an issue with them call back.

I’ve been waiting for 2 years to get this takin care of.

I also had a cold winter in my house. I still have 7 windows to put in and I sure will NOT use window world