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I have owned my home now for about 10 years. Built in 1963 it came with the original wood windows. When i bought the home i knew it needed new more energy effiencient windows. So i started shopping, doing my research on internet and invited several companies out to my home to give me a free estimate. Out of 4 companies all but 1 didn't spend 3 hours with me. Window World of Harford only took about 45 minutes. That was the only good part about them. Louis was my sales rep; very nice guy; straight and to the point. Knew what he was talking about; no pressure. However the fun stops there.

Time to do the install. I am not trying to discriminate about companies who hire people covered in tattoos and piercings but when i asked a simple question about the installers " do they work for you? or are they sub contracted out. This is where i was lied to.

Asking the installer how long he worked for Window World and he told me 7 years. Lie number 1; asked him how long he been installing windows 10 years; lie number 2, asked him if he was contracted, licensed bonded and insured. He said yes. Asked him to see his license; he wouldn't show it to me.

Overall very happy with the windows, price and i hope Louis wasn't lying about the warranty. But if i could make one suggestion don't hire people who are going to lie about their credentials and how long they have been working in the industry. People who hire outsiders to do work on their home are not always so dumb. They might just not have the time to do the work themselves.

Thank you Concerned customer in Harford County.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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My name is John Goldbeck, my wife and I own Window World of Harford. I am glad that you were happy with our salesman and our sales process.

We believe in not playing the games that so many companies do. In your paperwork you will find our warranty page. Our windows are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. I am, however, a bit concerned with your comments about one of our install crews.

The one crew that you apparently had is a very good, hard working team. We get compliments from many of their install customers. The crew leader has been in the construction industry for many years since his father used to own a construction company. He has been with Window World for the past several years.

Our installers are handled on payroll as 1099 so they are technically sub contractors but they work exclusively for us. All of their papers are on file at the office and we will supply our customers with them upon request. I have been in the home improvement industry for over 20 years and have been a licensed contractor for 14 years, I don't ever think I have carried my card.

If you would like to call our office to discuss any concerns, please feel free to do so. We would be more than happy to help you.