Van Alstyne, Texas
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have complained to them many many times since installing in 2012. Every window they installed leaks....and badly now.

The installers didn't any Z Flashing on the windows when they replaced them. They came out and claimed it was our house leaking. I've already had to tear out an entire wall and replace with doors and new windows. This is how we found out they didn't install properly and still notta.

Now...all windows facing east pour in every time it rains. i am contacting an attorney to file a lawsuit....tired of them ignoring us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Window World Cons: Water damage, Customer service and quality, Whole experience.

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Just so you know, I cant tell if these are prime or replacement windows, but there is no z flashing on a replacement window. Im not sure what your case is


Yes.. flashing should be used when replacing Windows on a clapboard house. We have researched and spoke to many other companies.