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I heard good things about Window World and decided to go with them for replacement of original (1974) windows throughout the house. From the start, on installation day, pretty much everything went wrong.

They showed up about 4 hours before the appointment time and woke me up early in the morning. They ordered and brought with incorrect windows for the basement (ones I hadn't ordered) and apparently the salesman came to an incorrect conclusion about how easy it would be to replace a basement window that was under my deck. They ended up having to remove part of the deck (boards) in order to replace the basement window and put the deck back together afterwards. Once that window was in, a few days later there was a thunderstorm and the window leaked water all over my previously dry basement wall and floor.

Initially they sent someone out 'to take a look' and all he did was put some caulk around the frame of the inside of the window, which didn't fix the problem. They sent out someone else who stated the window was installed completely incorrectly and had to be totally redone - so a second time they had to take my deck apart and put it back together. That finally fixed the far. Throughout the installation process, their focus was not on quality installation, but rather in rushing to get the job done in order to move on to the next job.

They were not careful about ensuring all windows were installed correctly or that appropriate caulking/insulation was being done while each of them was being installed. I had to point out numerous things that were missed while the installation was going on...not installing any insulation around the frame of one window (could see light around the edges of the window frame) and not caulking the exterior of another window. While watching what they were doing, I walked by one of the installers and the foreman had just walked up to him and told him he was installing another one of the windows incorrectly...after it was pretty much all done!! The whole process was soooo bad!!

Window 'Quality'/ 'Efficiency': 30+ year old original wooden windows, which I was replacing for anticipated energy bill reduction since the new ones were energy star-rated, were less drafty than the brand-new windows. I noticed almost immediately an increase in draftiness in the house, specifically by the new windows, along with a significant increase in heating bills during the winter along with cooling bills during the summer. Most bills have doubled, if not more based on comparing bills pre and post installation for an entire year. It is now much harder to heat the house during the winter (almost impossible unless I plastic wrap every new window - just finished doing that again this year!) or to keep it cool in the summer.

Thinking it was just the house in need of being re-insulated, I had an energy audit done and the basement and attic re-insulated. That did not help...the house is still very drafty. The *** windows, in my opinion, have almost everything to do with this. You can easily feel the cold air coming from them.

On windy days the wind blows right through portions of the horrible design of the windows. In the winter, despite low humidity in the house, the windows have water and ice on them on the inside of the house around the perimeter of the glass. It's not only a sign of air leakage/inefficiency, but is also an eyesore and embarrassing when guests comment about it and I have to say it's my brand new *** windows! When neighbors burn anything outside, the smoke smell comes inside my house, via the new windows.

I've noticed water on the inside of the glass panes during a thunderstorm before and even a live spider somehow crawling on the inside between the two glass panes. It also seems as though there are more bugs (boxelder, asian beetles) that get into the house now than there were previously. Lastly, noise level has increased via all of the new windows. I can easily hear every little thing going on outside my house now (windchime on my porch, rain splashing from the roof onto rocks below the window, kids voices in the park across the street, dogs barking, etc.) whereas I previously couldn't with the old windows.

If they are so efficient, how can all of those things happen!? These windows are shockingly horrible and I have no idea how they are passing an energy star test. After the installation and fixing of the window, I received a letter from the salesman stating he would be contacting me soon 'to make sure I was satisfied with the windows.' It's been a year and a half and I've never received any further correspondence or calls from anyone at the company. They have absolutely no intention of ever doing any follow-up.

After spending $3,000 on these worthless, *** windows, my house is much less efficient than before I had them installed. I would never ever recommend Window World to anyone. They are disorganized, the windows are of *** quality and not efficient, and the installation and customer service is lacking as well. Stay far away and go with a different brand of window as well as a different installation company.

It is better to initially spend more money and get quality windows than settling for Window World windows and being stuck with an extremely inefficient, drafty, uncomfortable house and not enough money to replace all of the new windows a second time! I wish this entire company would go out of business to prevent other people from having to go through this in the future. In the end, because of all of this, I'm probably going to have to sell the house I just bought about 2 1/2 years ago as it is now incredibly inefficient and I can't afford to replace the windows a second time when they were just replaced. All I can say is thank God for plastic wrap...the heat runs almost constantly without it!!

Forgot to mention...I didn't cheap-out with the windows - had purchased the medium-grade 4000-series double-pane energy star windows and added on ThermD Elite for another $400 as well as had the custom wrap done (he said they wouldn't be as efficient/air tight without it!

LOL) Window World sucks! One of the biggest financial mistakes of my life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Replacement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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