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Well first I ordered windows 23 and two doors. Which took much longer than expected but I was okay with that.

When they showed up to do my windows there were no doors they said that the order got messed up or something and so the doors came later. But first when they did the windows my Florida room which has 8 windows the after look was horrible they left me with no trim nothing me and the owner went back and forth they came out and put a small piece of wood there I have pictures to show how horrible it looks.

I didn't receive the two doors the doors that they put in one had a dent in it and scratches all over it and my windows don't open like they should it's very hard to open them. And then I called them again and they said that they're going to order me new doors that they were sorry and now I went out this morning to go outside and my door won't open and I'm already outside freezing luckily I was able to climb through one of the windows I've contacted the owner and the installer and I'm just really praying about what to do now I am so not happy with spending $7,000 on Windows and Doors that are not even what I expected

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to let us consumers know. Has there been any follow-up or response from Window World?

Please tell us if they made it right or not. If not, I will make sure they pay for it with loss of my business.

Jerry S.


Need to have them redone. You can't fix a sloppy installation job with a piece of wood and caulk. You will have issues for life.


What did you expect from the cheapest products in the market? Quality???? You get what you pay for!


What a horrible, insensitive response. Shame on you for your lack of compassion.

Now, go watch FOX and take joy in their view of Trump. Jerry S.


I'm not sure I want to do business with them after read this


Please feel free to reach out to our Consumer Relations Team at 866-740-2100. Thank you.