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Had a brand new bay window installed on 12-18-15.Immediately after the installation we began to notice severe condensation on all 5 window panes.

After spending $3500, we were told the bushes under the window may be causing the condensation. Then we were told to open our windows for 15 minutes a day in the winter! As the temperatures got colder, the condensation became hard ice. Yes that's right!

$3500 for a window that is below freezing on the inside window pane. Does that sound like a high-energy product? Finally on 3-31-16, a service manager came out and could not figure out what was happening so he referred me to some websites and home humidity. Keep in mind he measured the humidity in the house to be 20%.

As far as I, concerned this is false advertising.

They claim to be the best, they claim to be energy efficient, but I now have a $3500 moisture trap instead of a home improvement.

Review about: Window World Window.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Inferior product and awful customer service.

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Anyone that does a quick Google search will discover that condensation on window glass is caused by issues with relative humidity in the house and is not caused by the windows.

This is a relative humidity chart showing relative humidity levels compared to outdoor temperatures:

Outside Temperature / Relative Humidity

-20° F 15% or less

-10° F 15% to 20%

0° F 20% to 25% +10° F 25% to 30% +20° F 30% to 35% The humidity in your home is RELATIVE to the temperature outside.As you have identified that water is NOT passing through your window from the exterior, it is originating from inside your home.

As simple as it is to point the finger to the window company, you have an HVAC issue and there is nothing the window manufacturer or installers can do to remedy this.

If you would like to truly resolve the issue, you should consult a reputable HVAC technician.

to Anonymous #1142513

Anonymous is spot on correct.

We have found in our new home a similar situation.Our fix is to turn the central humidifier down a little at a time and watch the condition get better.

We have wooden blinds in our home and when we have the slats closed it prevents warm air from the furnace from getting enough heat to the windows. Your will find that the problem usually is at the bottom of the windows where it its coldest.

We really enjoy having the humidity higher than our windows like it so we keep the blinds up about 10 inches and keep the ceiling fans on to push the warm air at the ceiling down and it keeps our windows perfect.Good luck

to Anonymous Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1144334

I disagree.We have the same issue, ice forming around the entire perimeter of the window panes, including the mold that follows if you are not constantly chipping and drying them- quite a nightmare.

Yes the humidity should be around 30% in the winter, and any lower you risk health issues.

20% is a ridiculous number if you have a family, just not possible. We are replacing our windows of 14 years old with new triple pane type gas filled windows and they are very expensive. Dual pane Windows do not and will not cut it in Wisconsin type winters. Ice forming on the inside is unacceptable and indicates that the Windows insulation value is junk.

This reviewer is correct, the Windows should be replaced.

They will always say it's the humidity, or in this case , lol- the bushes. Don't believe it. Our original window company warrants the glass for 20 years, which is great- but not the window sill, seals or any hardware....

If you buy a new window, make sure you get in writing the full warranty.If they balk, go elsewhere in a hurry.

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