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in chattanooga window world installed 10 windows in my house my wife was at work and i was going from room to room and having other construction going on while i was in another room the installers stole my pain meds and nevers pills so i called the police and complained several times to our local office about my windows they were installed in 1 hour after i called the police and they keep giving me excuses that there is humidity in my home after having several differant companys come look at the window they are not low e and in winter water is on the inside of the window and when it is really cold that water freezes had window world to come out and all i have gotten are excuses and nothing has been done so i am losing engery and in 2007 i reported them to bbb and i was told they couldn;t help me because he was kicked out however now he is back in the bbb and i am going to complain to them also i am going to get the local news to come out and film what i am saying is true and see what happens then. i would advise anyone that i know not to ever use window world it has been a living ***.,

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I have purchased windows on several occasions from the above mentioned store and I seem to recall that the man who came out mentioned some whacko who lived in Middle Valley who was trying to extort money from the company. It was the exact story as above.

My experience has always been a positive one and I've been a customer for nearly 10 years.

Sincerely, Joe Banks


I am proudly a Window World Sales Rep in Chattanooga, and I can say with surety that this incident never happened.

This post was supposedly done by a customer who claims to have made police reports and reports to the BBB, however, the BBB reports aren't in existence and the customer even makes an excuse for anyone who would care to follow up with the BBB as to why there is no report on file. Why would a person who was upset enough to file complaints and police reports need to remain anonymous?

By the way, didn't the customer state that there were other construction workers in the home at the same time? Could they have been the one to steal his medications?

He claims that he has called Window Worlds competitors in to tell him that the windows are not low e windows. He can easily contact the TVA, request an energy audit, and their inspector will honestly tell him the SHGC and the U-value of his windows.

Also, does it really get cold enough inside this persons home to freeze water in Chattanooga? The heat would have to be completely turned off on the coldest days of the year for that to be true.

All of these claims sound incredibly silly and extremely fishy to me.


its good people come here to tell their stories. the sad part is,,,if there is a good review,,,its because window world rules(YA RIGHT!) if there is a prob and a complaint,,then it must/has to be a competitor or disgruntle employee.


I had a great experience with Windowworld in Chattanooga. They did everything they said they would and more. This Post seems a little fishy, probably a competitor.


After 40 years exp/most in commercial const.,I have been disgusted at the blatant lies,lack of experience,and *** work,fostered on residential homeowners.Many do not know the workers gloss over,hide and never mean to do it right.I have made workers stop,start doing it right,if they can,and with pictures tell the homeowner.It saddens me to know our world is only as honest as forced to be.You are right to tell your story,find others and buy billboard space tell your community.