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We had 8 windows replaced last week. The installation team came in, got the old windows out, the new ones in and were working on caulking them.

I decided to walk around and see how things were going since we had 5 rooms being worked on. When I walked into our 1 room I noticed our fish had recently had food dumped into the tank, the food was floating around still which means it had just happened but the food was put back and the lid was on. I went upstairs to make sure my toddler was still sleeping and that my husband hadn't fed them the outrageous amount. He hadn't.

One of the installers decided to feed my pets and as of today everything in the tank is dead because we couldn't control the spikes this caused. No one owned up to feeding them and the person I spoke to at WW said he would talk to the installers but pretty much told me I was lying and they wouldn't feed my pets and if they did dumping food in wouldn't kill the tank. Unless you have a specialty tank you would have no clue about how tanks work. This was just unimaginable but the reason I gave a 1 star was the fact that they left the job, didn't have me go around and check their work like they were supposed to, didn't let me sign the review paper and I noticed they completely missed caulking 1 window and did a horrible job on all but 1 of the rest.

Completely inexcusable. I sent pictures of the fish tank and the unfinished work to Window World on facebook which said the franchise owner would hear about it but after over a week I still haven't heard from them.

I am absolutely amazed at everything that happened. The fact that after killing my pets and not doing their jobs I haven't heard from anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Again would never use then-- don't they realize that a happy customer is free advertising?????


Fish ! really?


Nobody gives a rats *** about your *** fish. People who want to read reviews want to hear about the quality of the work and the windows themselves. You have no proof any fed your fish, and to be honest I would not care if they did or not.


Piece of *** attitude by total a*hole


What does this rant about killing your fish have to do with the quality of work they did? My educated decision (as you put it) is that you need to think about why this site is here.

Nobody cares about your fish.

There could be an infinite number of reasons why this fish story could have occurred; most of which are accidental. Go spend another 50 cents to buy new fish and keep your food on a shelf below the tank and stop badmouthing a company for something that they probably did not do unless you have proof otherwise.


wow , nothing like bashing a company over a .50 cent walmart goldfish , get a life lady this helps no one .


I am going to leave this now. People have my story so they can make an educated decision, it is obvious this won't go anywhere so I'm not going to waste anymore time on the issue. I now know those that needed to hear about it, have.


Not sure how to respond to this review, but I will try.

Our Installation crew arrived at around 1 pm. This is the same crew that had already installed a batch of windows for the same customer at a previous date.

During the installation, she questioned one of the installers and asked him who had fed the fish. The installer not knowing what she was talking about, said he did not know. She told him that 5 fish had already died that morning, because the pH was off, and they were trying to correct it, and now the rest of the fish was going to die because they (the installers) had fed the fish.

The installers are insistent they did not feed the fish. It appears that some fish had already died before we even arrived.

We have spoken to the customer, and we do not know of any incomplete work.

Window World of Raleigh has tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and this is our first complaint on this site.

Window World of Raleigh


I had 1 guy from the crew that had previously installed windows which is why we went with you again. The rest of the crew had not been in my house on the previous date.

On the phone, I had said we were fixing an algae bloom which is strictly cosmetic and would not affect the fish, the fact that the food in my above picture was dumped in, caused a spike in ammonia which killed the fish a week later. Of course the installers are insistent they didn't feed the fish, they don't want to lose their job.

I just want an apology for the fish, that is not why you got a 1 star review as my review stated.

As with the incomplete work that was left, you can see just a small portion in the above picture. I have many more to post if needed.


Lady, the thing you need to remember about pictures is that no matter when you take them, unless there is a time/date stamp (which can still be altered) there is no proof that this picture could have been taken before, during or after the work was completed. Further, when you accuse people of simple BS like you have with the pitiful 'evidence' you present, it seems more like you are angling to get something for free rather than attempting to correct a simple issue.

A reasonable person would have called the office and asked for rectification of the issues, not taken to the internet in search of a pity party. Get over yourself, loser.


You are "Anonymous" and from a (proxy in) "South Africa"? Seriously, you have such an emotional investment in this?

I think the "stry" about the fish, while strange, was not so much about the actual fish, more an example of the customer being creeped out by the incident, and how it made the company look.Your outburst doesn't even seem plausible enough to be a random crazy troll. You must be someone associated with the company.


HOLY ***!! I’m thinking about having my house done here in Savannah GA but I’m worried that the crew will feed my dogs!!


By the way. Do you guys up in Raleigh house sit dogs??