Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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Window World Chgo didn't confirm the scheduled install day. I called due to rain.

I talked with the owner and asked if still coming at 1pm since I was working and raining. He said Oh, the office didn't call, we re-rescheduled you 2 days to ago for an earlier start today. I explained, no one called and I am at work, house is locked and dogs are inside. He then wanted to know if they could "Prep".

Prepped meant BREAKING IN MY LOCKED HOUSE!! This HUGE man greeted me and said Oh, I can get in ANY window! I AM SOOO PISSED, Prepped I thought would be unloading material and scaffolding and then lunch and being ready for my arrival at ourSCHEDULED 1:00 time! We have a missing window, wrong pic window, 2-bad sliders, wrongly made patio and wrong handle and the list goes on.

Pictures galore, dirty carpets, paint chips off corners of walls, cracks on trim, BEWARE!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $4200.

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I am one of the owners of this location. I can assure you that we would never “break into” someone’s locked house, with or without the homeowner there. We were verbally given permission to enter your home.

We have gone above and beyond, taken the time and expense to correct all of your issues and you are still in debt to our business.

As a local business owner, I always make every effort to ensure that the customer is satisfied and that I have done everything within my power to ensure a positive customer experience. If an issue arises with the product, I hold my manufacturers responsible and correct the problem.

If there are still issues with your finished product, please allow us the opportunity to correct the problem – and we will. It is my understanding that we have.

If necessary, I will personally inspect the finished job to ensure that it is completed to our standards of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you have any further concerns, or I can be of further assistance beyond having corrected the issues that you have had, please contact our local office at 877-371-4054 and I will be happy to assist you.


You didn't know what prepped meant and you agreed? They're not at fault then.

You probably should have asked a question, not just assumed. So, though I too would have been mad...I would have also held myself responsible for not asking a question about a word I don't know the meaning to...just saying, it goes both ways.


We are sorry to learn of your poor experience with Window World. If you would like us to help by facilitating this matter between you and the local Window World please contact our office at 1-866-740-2100. If you prefer email please go to our contact page at

Thank you,

Customer Relations Department

Window World Corporate

North Wilkesboro, NC