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0 comments defines blackmail as a verb: to force or coerce into a particular action, statement, etc.

I just received a certified letter from Window World stating they deem it necessary to rescind the lifetime warranty on my windows due to a “hostile environment”. They continue to say “the position can be resolved if (you) retract unflattering comments and several untrue statements that were posted online to several social media sites; Window World will reconsider this decision to fully warranty the windows installed if this is done but we must have verification of the retraction from each site.”

First, no statement I have published has been untrue. Also I must confess I find this very confusing. How hostile can an environment be if it will be deemed no-longer-hostile by virtue of my retracting online reviews? My confusion is further compounded by the fact that the letter was cc’d to Kannon Conway, Harris Shelton PLLC. Rescinding my warranty and in the same breath offering to reinstate it if I retract statements posted online seems to fall squarely under the coercion into a particular action or statement thing.

Did they really blackmail me and cc their lawyers the proof or am I missing something?

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

Monetary Loss: $6203.

  • J Summers
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