Smyrna, Tennessee

We had a rep with Window World of Tennessee come out and give us a quote to replace windows in a fairly new home. We had 3 appointments lined up but after meeting with this salesman felt like we just wanted to go with Window World so we cancelled the other 2 appointments.

A few days past and we called for him to come out and measure to order the windows. So far up to this point everything was great. Fast forward a little over 4 weeks and they called to schedule the install. Set it up for the following week took the day off from work without pay, moved all the furniture and removed all the blinds.

The morning of the scheduled install I get a call telling me the installer had to take care of a sick child and would be late. This call came 10 minutes after the time they told me they would be here. Ok, so I know things come up that are unexpected but here I sit losing a full day of pay not knowing if this install would take place or not. After waiting an hour I called our salesman but didn't reach him.

I waited another hour and contacted the office of Window World. The receptionist couldn't reach the installer and she asked "Well do you want me to take your number and call when he calls?" Well yes I would, I would like to know the status of my install. She then proceeded to tell me that they could finish the job that day even if they didn't make it out until noon. Finally 2 1/2 hours after the scheduled install time they showed up.

I understand that our windows were very hard to remove but the job was not finished. We were left with the exterior of the house looking terrible. We were told they would return in 2 days and would be here between 8:00 and 8:30. Well 2 days comes along and it had been raining earlier in the night but had stopped by 8:00 no one shows up.

At this point we are wondering if our install would be completed. We waited until 1:00 and still no contact had been made. We had no phone number to contact the installer and it was the weekend so we couldn't reach anyone at the office. Our only point of contact was the sales rep that sold us the windows.

I called again (I still hadn't received a return call from 2 days ago) and reached his voicemail leaving a message stating we had a problem with the install and that we would appreciate a return call. Within 5 minutes the installer was calling us. The installer proceeded to tell me with the rain they didn't come this morning (remember it wasn't raining when they said they were going to be here) and if we wanted they could load up and come now. Well yes we want you to come finish our windows.

In the mean time the sales rep calls back and all I keep hearing from him was "he called you, didn't he?" I had to keep explaining that the installer called 5 minutes after I had left him a message. The sales rep went on to say "Well I don't understand your question, what do you want me to do?" I told him I only called you because we hadn't heard from the installer and we had no idea when our windows would be complete. I proceeded to ask him if they would replace the vinyl siding that was damaged and he said "I don't know about any siding that was damaged." I told him there was a piece of siding damaged as well as our tint on our front door was damaged. He told me "we will deal with it later." Really not what I wanted to hear.

There was terrible communication and they didn't seem to understand that we were upset not knowing when our windows would be complete. We worry now what will happen if we ever have an issue that needs warranty work. I would not recommend Window World.

I have used a different company in a different and didn't have any issues with them. I wish I had kept the appointment I had with them instead of just going with Window World.

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What company did you end up going with?


Please contact the Window World Corporate office in North Carolina at 1-866-740-2100 and ask for the Customer Relations Department. We would like to be able to advise the franchise owner in your area of the service you received.

Please call today so that this matter can be properly addressed, and corrective action can be implemented.

Thank you.