Altoona, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

I made numerous telephone calls to company to find out when my siding and gutter project would be done. I actually had to go to the business 2 weeks after surgery with a feeding tube in my noise to get any response.

They haven't finished the job to date. The rain gutter over my garage door was installed improperly. I had to show them a picture of the gutter over the garage door roof before they admitted they missed it.

I have already made a payment on the loan I got to finance this project but feel I shouldn't have to pay, since the job is not done properly. They do not return telephone calls.

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Beware of siding and gutters from WW. The have lots of window installers but not so many siding and gutter guys.

They need to sell and install what they know. Windows!

It's window world not siding and gutter world. beware


We are sorry to learn of your displeasure with your local Window World. If you would like to call and discuss please contact us at 1-866-740-2100. If you prefer email please go to our contact page at

Either way, please let us know you are contacting us concerning this posting. We will be more than happy to try and help to faciliate a successful resolution.

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