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I was looking for a new picture window for my study because there was a leak between the glasses of the window which caused condensation. So I ended up getting quotes from both Lowe's and Window World. Both had their pitches and were pretty close to the same price. By the way my brother who happens to live next door told me about window world since he just got a few windows replaced himself.

When the sales rep by the name of Curtis came to my house he seemed very professional and advised me about the price tag of $1508.60. Yes a little pricier than it's competitor but after he told me it would be reduced by $50.00 for having advertisement on my lawn and my brother to receive $50.00 for referral I decided to go ahead and make that deal. 2 and a half weeks later I called since I haven't heard from window world just to be told that it would come in soon. I finished waiting the 3rd week and I called back in just to be told that they accidentally ordered the wrong window. I was disappointed but not upset. Mistakes happen and it's understandable. So i waited another 2 to 3 weeks to get my window in and finally get it installed. Installation guy was pretty nice but grossed me out every time he would clean up excess caulk around the window because would use saliva on his finger.

So after it was all set I payed the guy the remaining half of the balance and patiently waited a few weeks for this $50.00 check to come in. I don't have exact times but in the time frame of a little over 6 months I had to call about 8-10 times total to window world and 2 calls to Curtis (sales rep). out of those calls more than half were never returned. 1 or 2 by the front desk person and about 4 from the Lady that handles referrals. One of the times I got a voice mail from the Lady that handles referrals advising me that I would receive the check, and another time where I called her to tell her I still haven't received it she assured me it will be sent and even asked me if it was for me or my brother. I told her it was for my brother. she again assured me it will be sent so I left it alone. With the folder still on my desk to help me remember that window world still needed to send a check I called Wednesday before thanksgiving to figure out whats going on since this time I gave it at least a month since the last time I called. I got to talk to the referral lady, (sorry I keep calling her that but I forgot her name), and she looked into it and said she couldn't send it to me because I needed to purchase at least 8 windows. I was shocked for a second before taking a breath and letting her know what I had been told and been through. She told me she was going to see what she can do and we left it at that. After calling her I decided to call Curtis. I told him about everything that has happened and he told me he was on vacation and would call me Monday after thanksgiving weekend. I decided to give them some time to figure it out and I'm sure to have an answer by that following week. Wrong. no calls or voicemail from either the referral lady or Curtis. Tuesday of the following week which is yesterday I decided to call window world but of course referral lady was gone for the day. Then I called Curtis and he told me there is an 8 window purchase limit and there is nothing he could do. When I confronted him about him telling me that my brother would receive a referral check he apologized for giving me wrong information. that's it. I asked him that I needed to talk with someone high up in the chain about this and he referred me to Patrick Fleming.

So I decided to call Window world back determine to get some answers as of why I had been baited for over 6 months just to be told I wasn't going to receive a dime. Patrick Fleming is very unique to say the least of how he handled this call. I went ahead and told him my story and long fought battle over these $50.00 and his response almost knocked me out of my chair. Keep in mind This is either the manager or the owner of this store and all he said was. You needed to buy 8 windows and that the referral paper (which I didn't even know one existed) stated I needed to buy 8 windows and my $1500 window only counted as 2. His responses were short and without any type of compassion. He started hinting that since I got some quotes that day I may have misunderstood. I even advised him that I just finished talking to Curtis 5 min. ago about this and he even apologized for giving me wrong information. But instead of looking into it, or showing some signs of concern that his company failed left and right and wasted my time he seemed more eager to finish the conversation. And the following is where Patrick Fleming lost any sort of professionalism he had left. All i said was "i'm a blogger" before I was interrupted.

when I say someone looses their cool it is in no way exaggerating. he interrupted me and told me if I was threatening him and that I could get my lawyers and his lawyers to settle it and that all I was going to do is tell lies and that now he REALLY wasn't going to help me all that without me being able to even finish my sentence. I tried calming him down telling him I wasn't threatening anybody and promised him I wasn't going to lie. But I was going to share my experience and he seemed very upset. We even had a talk about integrity and gave him an example of what companies do including the one I work for when someone drops the ball. He was so upset he asked me where I work. I told him I didn't want to share that information. Then he said it was one sided and not being fair. I asked him why he wanted to know and he said he wanted to verify I work there.. (I still haven't figured out why he wanted to know where I work). So I reminded Patrick Fleming that it was irrelevant where I work and he didn't have much of an answer to that. Shortly after that I guess he realized I wasn't going to back down so he backpedaled a bit and told me that he was going to "retrain everyone" and that if people didn't really call me back then they were going to get fired. I wouldn't hold my breath. To be honest I think it was an attempt to maybe change my mind about writing this experience.

I started to write this right after I got off the phone but decided to wait half a day, or night i should say, because I wanted to have a clear mind and not just vent. I want to let people know of an experience I hope they never have to go through. As I told Mr. Fleming, it got to the point where it's no longer about the $50.00. Its about what's right and wrong. Thank you for your time..

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Window World Cons: Never return phone calls, Sales rep, Lack of customer service.

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We use saliva when applying caulk as a barrier. If your finger isnt wet the caulk will attempt to stick to your finger.

So it makes a for a better finish job.

Could use a cup of water, but when installing windows time is money. So you just use your saliva.


What an *** that manager was. For $50, he could have had a satisfied customer with many potential referrals.

Instead he made of a fool of himself and an enemy out of you. I recommend you call corporate and demand your $50.