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I chose Window World because they were Gephardt approved. They are located in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Their Gephardt Approved "craftsmanship" will speak for itself.

I welcome anybody to come by and look at the horrible, messy and incomplete job that was left behind. The owner's daughter works for him and answers the phone - she's very rude and unprofessional and every bit as argumentative, stubborn and condescending as her father. Gephardt Approved must be a scam. These less than average windows are a let down, but the worst part is the horrible, messy, incomplete job they left.

There is dirty silicon all over the windows and my wall too. Trying to get Window World to fix their shoddy work proved impossible. We are sick to our stomachs. What a mistake we made by choosing to have this company put our windows in.

I'm more than happy to arrange a time for anyone to come look by and look at what they left us with. Contact me at

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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The average quality window with installation and supplies from a thoughtful, reputable service oriented company should be a minimum average of $600 and up. How can you expect the same result for 1/3 of the cost?

People that buy these189$ windows get what they paid for. Unfortnately they usually dont realize what they signed up for.

to bob the other window guy Provo, Utah, United States #651872

The salesman from Window World promised everything the other window companies promised at a 1/3 the cost. I thought I was doing the right thing by getting bids and comparing companies.

Window World in Utah is also Gephart Approved which, at the time, meant a lot to me. I'll agree with you - I didn't know what I signed up for. Windows installed upside down and inside out, with the film facing inward right next to windows that they installed rightside up and rightside out. This makes some of the windows appear to have a blue tint on the inside right next to windows that appear to be clear.

Did I mention the fuzz stuck in seams on the inside of the window where you can't clean? I'm sure it's not mold but it looks just as bad. How about the messy caulking their installers left all over the windows? Did I sign up for that?

I would have paid 2/3rds more not to have had to deal with this. So I'm going to add to my list "Crooked Sales tactics" along with Less Than Average Window, Horrible, Messy Installation.

I'm more than happy to send pictures. It's all immeadiately noticeable.

to wehavebeenscammed1 #658395

That's right keep slandering these ppl. I didn't have any problems with my install or windows by WW. You sound like a

to not scammed. Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States #958856

I'm not slandering anybody. The installations speaks louder than anything I could ever say.

It is exactly what it is. I have pictures. Would you like those? Or maybe you'd like to finish your sentence, I sound like a....

what? What do I sound like? I'll finish it for you.

I sound like a customer that was treated to a very horrible experience. Thank you, and I agree.

to bob the other window guy Norfolk, Virginia, United States #655089

Well, I own a small company in Virginia Beach, Virginia called EntryPoint Exteriors. We sell Soft-Lite and they are some of the highest rated products anywhere to be found.

Nothing we have is at $189 OR $600. If you educate yourself properly then you will find that $189 is way too low and $600 is too high for a top grade vinyl window.

to Bkhawk Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States #958858

$189? sorry, way more than that. Let's say Window World surprised us and installed bead curtains instead of windows using the same "craftsmanship" The biggest bead curtain was installed inside-out, different width of trim used on adjacent windows makes one look bigger than the other (why would you do this?), caulk smeared all over two of the windows and the brick on the outside of our house.

I'll warn everybody I can if it helps them avoid the same nightmare we experienced.

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