Tampa, Florida

we had nine windows installed with diamond screen, wrong bolts were used for the screen. three weeks to get them replaced.

measured two of the screens wrong. the day they put the windows in we were told everything was paid for"WRONG". three months later they charged the cc for 1700.00. Got no where with corperate office.

once things are done, they don't want to know you. We had the two biggest electric bills ever after our "energy saving windows were in".

I would not trust this company to clean my gutters. should have went to lowes and paid someone to put them in

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Their custom service is awful.

They are disable to correct their mistakes.

I do not believe the lifetime warranty. It's worse than a joke.


Experiencing the same with window world in Berlin Maryland. We are trying now to get our 4 th window. The other three were measured incorrectly Now they won't return our calls