Florissant, Missouri
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Today, I had all the windows in our house replaced. I am very pleased with the

product. After the installation, my husband and I began replacing our blinds

only to find two cords terribly tangled and knotted. All the other cords presented no

problem. I spend 1/2 hour unknotting the blind cord. I write this complaint because this act was done intentionally. There is no way it could have happened accidentally. The St. Louis installation crew was on time and worked quickly. My problem is with their female helper. I believe she tangled and knotted the blind cords. As a large company, I would certainly look closely at someone who could be so ***.

Yvonne Patton



Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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I'm quite surprised as a consumer that you would complain about blind cords being tangled! I'm even more surprised you would imply that a worker did it INTENTIONALLY.

I live in a different state than you & I don't believe they offer blinds here, but this whole thing seems ludicrous to me! I mean, this composing truly is funny! Blind cords get tangled, it's a fact of life! You said they did a great job but then sabotaged your free time by tangling blind cords?

Ha ha. Did they have nothing better to do? Were you a grumpy over-critiquing old woman the whole time linye you seem now? I normally wouldn't comment on some random strangers review, but it just seems like you are LOOKING for something to complain about & that's sad!

Negative attitudes are actually poor for your health!

I hope you can cheer up and enjoy your great new Windows & blinds! Is be thrilled to have new Windows myself!


I believe your contract says you are supposed to have your blinds down before the installation.


You`re actually "pissed" over 2 tangled cords? That is sad.

I find that hard to believe it was done intentionally unless you were a pain in their backside and deserved it.

Looks like you are the type of person that complains whereever you go and whatever you do.


If you actually read the contract like I did you'll see that you are supposed to remove the blinds prior to the window installation. By failing to do this you created a real PITA for them.