2520 N Great SW Pkwy #100, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, USA
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On 5/2018 our Family Purchased 14 windows from them for our new home in Dallas Tx, salesperson Mr. L Jones meassured all windows as expected and told us the grand price for the quality n shape of the windows picked by my wife and I the total 6100.00.

Not bad adter shopping around for 2months, well sometimes cheap comes out to be expensive phrase its no longer a term unfamiliar to us! **Issue no.1 "4 weeks after siging a 15mo no interest contract salesperson calls us back trying to get an additional 600.00 for a mistake in his meassurement and description of one window he backoff after telling him we had a signed contract and they cannt change the figures

Issue no 2.

This is the big one!!

The finance contract/invoice signed by us with a minimun payment is 10 times higher now with the finance company in This case Wells fargo, after contaxting they 800# and sounding like they care and willingness to resolve the issue they never not even once return my call even though this falls under preditorial lending or even Fraud...You dont quote and put in writting a figure that will not never be match by the financing bank..lucky for Us I am semi retired from the banking industry and I have seen vendors like them lie to make a sale and made sure everything that Their salesperson Mr.Jones was also stated in the original contract..our last contact with them "so sorry about that mistake" and per upper management which he claimed looked and worked on our case there is nothing they can do which is why we are persuing them with an attorney and bringing them to court of our pears to explain to a judge or jury why the original written quoted payment n terms can be change without our approval..per Wells fargo they s hould know better and they are willing to help us either by demanding a full refund from window world and let them carry the originals terms!! my advise to anyone stay away from a company that hires crooks mgrs n misleading salespersons..we made the first payment to wells fargo but I guarantee by the time this stressfull financial hardship they put our family in will be the last time Window World do it to a Texan!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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