Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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About two years ago, we purchased new windows and a front door for our whole house. After three different installers worked on the house, finally it was done.

The windows have held up well but the front door, now that's another story. The paint is peeling off the whole frame down to bare wood. I sent a message online but they have Not returned a message.

It looks like h***. I either want the door and frame replaced, or at least repainted with good paint!

This is not what I expected from their supposed guaranteed items. I'll recant my view if they get back in touch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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M. Rohner , if that is really your name, you sound like a pist off ex employee who lost their job for being lazy and are now making up some WILD story to TRY and bring a bad name to a GOOD company.

I have lived in Cedar Rapids all my life and have used and referred many many people to Window World. None of us have EVER had any issues with their work. The employees are kind and honest. In fact an elderly woman who I referred to Window World was in the process of changing her light bulbs when the installer arrived and when the gentleman saw what she was trying to do volunteered to change all her light bulbs so she did not have to get on the ladder and do it.

This company backs their work and their products. I think maybe you should get a hobby and find something better to do with your time then to make up LIES about a company owned by GOOD PEOPLE!!!


So, they have not contacted you to data?

Half a year? :eek


Yes, they finally made it out to put a painted aluminum frame around the door, over the peeled off paint. They were also to change out a huge bay window panel which lost its argon.

Due to the weather, it took 5 months. That was not their fault.


anything that is wood and is painted has to be maintained. get off your lazy *** and take care of your house


But Window World is still a liar, never change.