Martinsburg, West Virginia
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Hire Window World of Winchester ONLY if you wish to be frustrated and aggravated. We had their salesman come to our home to give an estimate for a new roof and spouting on our house.

The salesman was very friendly and seemed to know what he was talking about. After getting a few estimates of some companies we decided to go with Window World and gave a deposit of over $3300,00. I was told by their salesman that someone would call me in a day or two to set up the install date. After 2 1/2 weeks with no call I had to call them to see what was going on.

I was told someone would be calling me within a day. After a week and half I called them again to schedule a date. Two days later I finally got a call from them. A date was set and I was told that I was told someone would call as the date came closer to confirm and material would be delivered the day before work would start.

No phone call no material. I again called and had to wait for a call back. I got a call and was told sorry we can do it on the agreed day but they could 2 weeks later. Material was delivered the day before the scheduled day and I made arrangements to be home.

8:00 AM cam and went, the time I was told that the installers would arrive. Around 10:00 AM I received a call saying their truck broke down and that they would not be able to make it, not caring that I had to arrange to be there that day. I was told that they would be there the following day and guaranteed to be completed in one day. Finally they arrived to do my roof.

I was not able to be there the entire day but had to come and go throughout the day. I returned mid day to be told that the spouting that was delivered was about 6 foot too short for both the front and back of the house and new world have to be delivered in a couple days. Finally the following week the roof and spouting were completed. I called Window World that same day to make the balance payment, again a little over $3300.

The next day my wife and I left for a out of town trip. The middle of the day I get a phone call from them asking if I was ready to settle up. I told the person who call that I call them the day before and the full payment was take from my debit account. His reply was "OK" no I'm sorry, our mistake, nothing.

Now this morning nearly 2 weeks later that took another $3300,00 from my account. I called to see what was going on and was told by a very rude person from Window World "Hey it's no big deal it happens all the time" REALLY?!?!?. I was given another number to call and again talked with someone who wanted to given me excuses and even told me nothing showed that I paid the balance in full. I informed her that yes my bank showed all 3 times they received money from me and the 3rd one should have never been taken.

She even told me "Sir, you need to speak English" Sorry but I was born and raised in the US, English is what I speak! Until I told her that I would contact my lawyer did she agree to look into what they took more money and would call back. I finally received a call back and was told they made a mistake, REALLY a $3300.00 mistake, and would return the money to my account but it would be several days before it would show up in my account.

At this time I still don't have the money yet. As far as the work, everything looks OK but I would never do business with them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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