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I would not recommend Window World to my enemy. They didn't start on the day they were supposed to and when they did start, I was lucky enough to get a subcontractor who had only did 3 or 4 jobs with the company before mine.

The installers didn't start until around 10am and quit around 3:30 or 4:00.It was a hellish night mare from the start. They had no concept of being respectable of some ones home. It was supposed to be a 3-5 day job. For this crew it lasted a week until I told them to just leave and don't come back.

They installed windows crooked, made a mess trying to caulk them in, damaged drywall and tried to repair it but made it worse. Broke a floor tile in the living room, got metal shaving in the pool and around on the pool deck, broken glass in the yard and the list of stupidity goes on and on. The owner came and looked at the "finished product" and agreed things had to be redone. Said he would make it right with us.

Another week before he can get a different crew to come out. They removed the crooked windows and reinstalled, re caulk, fix the broken tile and spent time repairing the drywall but was getting behind on other (paying) jobs so they needed to go. The install failed county inspection for lack of enough screws in window frames. Some screws had been left out by the installers and some windows didn't have enough screw holes drilled at the factory.

Had to wait for crew to come back again for that. The owner said he fired that 1st crew because they had complaints like mine from 3 of the 4 prior customers. He was suing the contractor for damages and "if" he got any relief from them he might reimburse me something for my anguish. It's been a year now and I've heard nothing.

I hired a contractor to come and finish the drywall, replace the window facings that had to be torn off on the second replacements and in general finish what the second crew didn't have time to finish. The owner did pay for the contractor. Window World said they pay $50.00 for referrals. They never paid the $50.00 to the person that referred them to us.

I won't get $50.00 either because I will not refer them. There is so much more to this comedy of errors horror story but I'll stop at this.

Now for the company that makes the windows, Custom Windows. They can make custom windows unless you have colonial grids between the window pains. The grids on the top window didn't line up with the grids on the bottom window.

Each time they had to make a new window at 3-4 weeks each time. I say each time because they tried 3 times. The last time they were pretty close and they were supposed to try once more. That has been a year ago and they haven't been back or called.

We were so exhausted with the whole ordeal by then, we decided to live with it. My garage window is still crooked but I can open it so I'll live with that too. Window World beat the price of the next guy by $1,000.00 and if I could do it over I'd gladly pay the extra grand.

This job was supposed to be a one week job. It started in August and we finally gave up in November to just live with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Window World Pros: Windows themselves are okay.

Window World Cons: Drywall, Shady unprofessional installers.

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