Winchester, Virginia

Had 9 windows replaced on 3 sides of the house last year. The precision size that WW promises means stock size windows with up to 5/8 inch caulking.

And all screens have the same offset from square. Is it possible the frame they use at the factory is out of square? The installation crew are all Mexicans who feigned "no English" when I pointed this out. Stink bugs crawl through these slit openings.

This is a real problem in the Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland area.

The only phone number I have is the salesman who doesn't respond. Thanks for nuthin Window World.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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I was told by all of the companies that no window can keep stink bugs out a 100%. Just saying.


Just to be fair, i wanted to point out how false this complaint is.

1) the # for Window World office is on your contract, your salesman's business card, and the website for the location. You still hold true that you have no way to contact the company?

2) the door is a premium Thermatru entry door which is known for high quality. The same door is sold at hundreds of local dealers...including Home Depot? Are you calling all their Thermatru doors junk or just this one because it was installed by Window World?

3) it is very inappropriate of you to say that Window World hires "mexicans". Every crew leader at Window World speaks English, has passed state licensing requirements & background checks, & is working legally and paying taxes.

Yes, i do work for this company, I am proud to say. You have a lifetime warranty on all Window World products including a lifetime labor warranty. USE IT & stop slandering this good company. Good Housekeeping Magazine has stood behind our company & products for 5+ years.


The customer got windows, not a