Saint Louis, Missouri
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We hired Window World of St. Louis to remove and install 13 windows. First they showed up 4 hours late, then rushed to get the job done while it rained outside. They kicked out the old windows, not putting drop cloths down inside. In our spare bedroom, they did put a drop cloth down, but managed to severly scrape our newly-finished hardwood floor. There is still caulk on our kitchen cabinets, and the stickers still remain on our windows. They did not clean at all.

The worst part, though, is what they did to our siding. We were debating whether to get new siding, or not. We had told our salesman our thoughts, and apparently this was passed on to the sub-contracted installers. Well, when they left, with the "job done", our siding had huge holes because they were told that we would be getting new siding. I wasn't aware that they were allowed to destroy our property because they thought we were going to replace that property.

I took pictures, and called the company. First the guy I spoke to wanted to give me $200 dollars off of the price. If you have any clue as to how much re-finishing a hardwood floor costs, you, would know, that I wasn't going to accept that. They eventually gave me $1000 off, however, the hassle of it just wasn't worth it, in retrospect.

One other thing-I'm not sure where the installers come from, but, let me just say, that if my house were in a secluded area, I wouldn't have been here by myself when they installed the windows.

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Window World is terrible. Contact the Attorney General's office online and report them!

Enough complaints and they will do something about it! If they start a class action suit, you could be getting your money back!

You can find the Attorney General for your state online, and complain online. It's worth it!


Don't waste your time with these people. I contracted for installation of windows and paid more than half up front.

When they came to install them they wanted $100 more a window for install. When I refused they left the windows and left. They won't take back the windows and give me a refund. They did finally offer to install them at the 1st agreed upon price but after seeing the product and their install crew I don't feel good about either.

SO STAY AWAY AND REMEMBER YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Unless you deal with Window World then you don't even get that.