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I had purchased my windows from Window World a few years ago, and and some problems, but were soon rectified, so when it came to buying doors for my house I called them. They sold the exact same doors and storm doors at Lowe's!

But because of the installation and service, I contracted with Window World at a much higher price. ( Lowe's installers had a bad rep ). Well after the order was taken, and half the money paid, it took 3 months to receive them and get them installed. That is with the exception of the front storm door.

It came a week later. After it was installed, the installer said another pump needed to be added and he would order it. So after a few days, I did a follow up, and was informed it was not ordered, but it would be ordered and given a priority. I called shorty after that and was told it was on its way and would be installed when it was received.

That was 3 weeks ago,and I have not heard a word from them. There customer service sux ! I haven't heard from the sales guy since he wrote the contract. Not even a follow up, you know, like are you satisfied?

or are there any other products such as siding or roofing you need? I have a hard time understanding how companies like this can stay in business and sponsor a race team, and Have Kathy Ireland as a rep.

I'll get my new roof and siding from a local small company that needs the business !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Window.

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Your right on the money with this comment. window world minnesota is a joke.

The owner terry is a complete azzhole and religous fanatic. He treats people like *** and tries to stuff his religious views down your throat. He screws all his subs hardcore by constantly cutting their pay and making them work for free. half his employees are so complacent they do nothing to earn their money, *** they even go home for booty calls on the regular.

This *** once told me for just giving my opinion in a meeting to keep my mouth shut because my opinion meant nothing and that there were 100 guys lined up for my job.

great co. NOT!