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The salesman reminded me of a used car salesman but I had my windows installed 10 years ago and they have been great.

Salesman told me it was an all day install of 4 sliding glass doors - custom sizes. The team was scheduled after two other jobs arriving @2:15

It was a full day plus job - the installers were great.

They stayed - ordered pizza for their dinner and kept working.

They finished everything on the inside at 10:30

left at 11PM after loading the old glass. Had to come back today to finish the outside molding and pick up the rest of the trash.

Scott and Melinda told me, we called you the day before to tell you the 9-2 window of time. If it is an all day job why in the world would you schedule them after two jobs so they arrive mid afternoon.

So they can come back a second day? No one talked about a second day until the installers got there. Guess what I have to schedule with my employer to take time off. You scheduled my install a month in advance. I doubt if Scott or Melinda spent several thousands of dollars for a product and receive this service, they would appreciate the service they gave me. "Maam you told them to stay, sorry it was 11PM - you could have told them to leave and come back tomorrow"

What did he not understand about I need to schedule my time away from work.

I just hope the install is done correctly because I don't want to have to have them come back out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Window World Pros: Look of the windows, Installation crew.

Window World Cons: Sales rep, Customer service and quality.

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