Peoria, Illinois

I schedualed a 1:00 and he showed at 12:55.The estimate was better than I expected and way below competition.I`ll get back to you on the install.The salesman seemed honest and polite.jj


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Nooby, what would he be reporting to the AG? That they were on time with a low price?

Please read the posts before you go spamming negative comments on them. You obviously are just posting to try to downgrade the company.

Also to the OP, please don't let your cat finish your we,0324,43 2m 4 3832 4j23 j42342 3kljlj klfjds f9d sifd si9


Report it to the Attorney General's office online. They'll do something about Window World's business ways and products!

Enough complaints, they'll start a class action suit, you might even get your money back! It's easy to find the Attorney General online, and complain online!


a warranty is only as good as the company backin it !!!!!!


That is a complete crock. The products have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so your claims are totally false. If you want something ACTUALLY resolved, call their corporate office.


Stay away from those they are franchise..Bought siding and windows...I went to hospital the morning they was to install and son waited there for them...when I got out they put on a cheap siding not even the one I bought and cheap windows not the ones I upgraded..When I call 2 days later they get back with me they sold the company to a friend that works for them so warrenty went out of door..2 weeks later they sold it again to a friend....they dont fix nothing they just sell these to friends back and forth so they do not have to do any warrenty and sell cheap junk