Greenfield, Indiana
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A while back, Window World called and scheduled our appointment for installation for today (Mon, 9/8/08). So, yesterday we removed all blinds & curtains, including any brackets. Two refrigerators were moved as well as most of the furniture.

Today, Window World Indianapolis called to reschedule the installation. The girl said that when they went to load the windows, they were all picture windows. Duh!

Don't they check the order when it comes in before they call to schedule the installation?

We are retired. Now we have to put at least some of the curtains & brackets back up.


Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

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rain is a lil different then what these folks had to deal with. first off,,,yes,,,they do get a P.O.

when the truck brings the windows. so,,,they should have known WAY before the job was to be done that they didnt have the correct windows. so these folks shouldnt even of had to take things down or move anything.

just typical window world relations with their customers. seems it happens everyware,,not just in the cincinnati/northern KY area.


This happens, live with it. it had to reschedule due to rain. Yes I took everything down too.