Stone Mountain, Georgia

Marietta, Ga. I ordered my windows march 20th, sales man said it would be 7 weeks I had to put down 50%, after 7 weeks with no call I called them we were scheduled for the following week, I called three times during the day when the scheduled time had passed and the installers never called, they were a no show.

I called the office back and they scheduled me for the same week on Friday. The installers came and installed all but two windows. One wasn't even on the truck... and the installer broke the other window of which there was two.

So again my job was not finished.....So the owners so or step son called me back after I called the office and complained loudly. Carter said that he would get to the bottom of it and call me back. Well he said it would be a couple of weeks and I would be taken care of, in the mean time he would call me back and let me know the details...He didn't call back.One month goes by and I hadn't heard a word so I called the office again they said they would be out the next week. They came out to install my two windows ...they only had one.....someone had left it off the paper work.

I called Carter, he said he would get to the bottom of it and call me back.....he didn't. the man who came out to install the windows did. He came back the next day with my window and finished the job June 28th 8PM........The windows look great but I could have gone to another company and gotten them sooner.

they stay 8-12 weeks behind come spring to winter so if you want your windows now, go

somewhere else. Poor management of the job too many hands in the pot and the ones in charge don't know whats going on or don't care......RLW of Acworth, GA

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Replacement.

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