Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Well I hired Window World of Sioux Falls, SD to install 16 Windows, and they weren't the $189.00 ones.

I went with the $289.00 Windows. My house tested for lead as I knew it would as it was built in the 1930's.

There charge for the lead abatement was $50.00 per window and they would have to put plastic down 6 feet in all directions under each window inside and out to catch the lead paint chips and dust plus cover the furniture that couldn't be removed. Well on the inside they laid a piece of plastic down 2 foot out from the window and just the width of the window, they didn't put down anything on the outside and they threw everything they tore out to the ground outside. They were suppose to install the windows from the outside and put in new outside stops for which I was charged an additional $846.00 that were never installed, they did the install from the inside. I still have nails, paint chips, metal scraps laying all around the outside of house plus paint chips and dust in the inside, even after there cleanup.

3/4 of the windows are leaking cold air around there outer edges, and between the sashes. Hold the phone, the Owner just called me back as I was typing this and is going to credit us back for the work not done, wouldn't give me a date when someone was going to be out here to fix the problems and tried to put the blame on me for there 1/2 assed work.

His exact words, If it weren't for people like you, this world would be a better place. I only want what We paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Window World Installation.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Patricia Adkins. Same thing happened to me..except they didn't care that I got taking for $600 just for plastic to be thrown down. Smh!


"If it weren't for people like you".......we would all be taken by these shamsters......sorry you are going through this.....but good job on the post - it appears you got their attention. and I can promise you I will remember this company and help spread the word....BTW......drop the local better business bureau a line about this......that also helps with mediation.